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What Happened in Below Deck Season 1? (Full Recap)

Stella Aurora

In Season 1 of Below Deck, the worlds collide when crew members called “yachties” live, work, and date together on a high-end yacht while taking care of the constantly changing needs of wealthy, demanding charter guests.

Cast of Below Deck Season 1

  • Lee Rosbach – Captain
  • Aleks Taldykin – First Officer
  • Ben Robinson – Chef
  • Adrienne Gang – Chief Stewardess
  • C.J. LeBeau – Second Engineer
  • Kat Held – 2nd Stewardess
  • Samantha Orme – 3rd Stewardess
  • Eddie Lucas – Deckhand
  • David Bradberry – Deckhand

Episode 1 - All Hands On Deck

Below Deck S1 - Kat Held

As the luxury yacht Honor gets ready to leave the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Martin, eight young, single crewmembers meet each other for the first time. On the high seas, eight “yachties” live, love, and work together as they care for their demanding charter guests, constantly changing. But it won’t be easy to deal with the politics of living with other people on board.

When Kat Held is cleaning, she sees white powder in one of the guest bathrooms. She tells Adrienne Gang, who tells Captain Lee Rosbach. There is a chain of command on this boat, and Lee says that you should always follow the chain.

Everyone’s license could be taken away if drugs are on the ship, so Lee turns the boat around and ends the charter immediately. When they get to the dock, he tells the photographers to leave, making them angry and embarrassed.

Episode 2 - Cool Your Jets

Below Deck S1 - the Honor crew

The Honor crew welcomes their first charter guests, a large group of flashy fashion photographers. Kat finds something shocking that forces her to make a hard choice, and Adrienne yells at Samantha Orme for not respecting her authority.

On the island of Anguila, the crew makes a barbecue for the guests, but it’s a mess trying to get it going. No one seems to know where anything is. To make things even worse, it’s about to start raining.

The picnic is a huge success thanks to Chef Ben Robinson‘s excellent cooking skills, and everyone is happy to return to the Honor for the rest of their trip.

Episode 3 - It's Not Easy Being Green

Below Deck S1 - Dave Bradberry

The group goes out for a fun night, but Kat drinks a few too many cocktails. When a wealthy hypnotist and his friends come on board as charter guests, they have particular food needs that push the crew to their limits. After being very hard on Kat and Sam, Adrienne agrees to go to hypnotherapy.

Cast member Dave Bradberry says the following day at breakfast that he and his fiancee both worked in the porn industry. It’s hard to believe that this well-dressed, polite guy worked in the business world. The guys go jet skiing while the girls stay on the boat and clean it. While Sam and Kat work hard to make the Honor look spotless, Adrienne takes a nap.

After the charter is over, Kat complains to Aleks Taldykin about how much work she has to do because Sam is so lazy. After that, Lee sets up a meeting and gives a foul tip.

Episode 4 - Luggage, Luggage Everywhere

Below Deck S1 - Sam and C.J.

Sam and C.J. LeBeau aren’t sure what their relationship will be like now that they’ve hooked up. After an alarm on the ship throws everyone off, Captain Lee is very harsh with Aleks. Adrienne’s friends are the new charter guests, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are annoying and make life hard for the crew.

When a charter guest says something rude to Kat and reacts badly, she gets in a lot of trouble. The Honor’s crew has a special dinner while the guests spend the night on St. Martin. The guests don’t have to wait long to find something wrong with the restaurant and decide to go back to the ship for food.

The crew has a long night ahead of them, and the guests get even ruder than they have been all trip. One of the guys can’t stop talking about Kat’s hair and body, so she has a drink to let off some steam.

During a charter, drinking is against the rules, and Kat isn’t doing a great job of hiding it. When Adrienne finally figures out what’s happening, she can’t get away with it because so many other crew members know what she’s doing.

Episode 5 - I'm Living With The Devil

Below Deck S1 - Adrienne Gang

Kat keeps dealing with the rude charter guests who have been rude to her. C.J. tells Sam he likes her but doesn’t know if Sam feels the same way. Adrienne, Kat, and Sam get into a big fight about who does what on the boat.

Kat has to tell Captain Lee an embarrassing secret to keep her job. When the group goes out for the night, Sam eyes a few good-looking guys in the bar, but C.J. won’t let her flirt with them. Instead, he does everything he can to stop her.

Episode 6 - Drinking With The Enemy

At this point, Kat has had enough of Adrienne and starts to think about how to switch rooms. When the charter guests decide at the last minute to get married on the boat, they make the crew crazy.

Some of Chef Ben Robinson‘s crewmates are annoyed by his short temper and bad mood. David misses his fiancee a lot because of how romantic the boat is. Adrienne feels her crewmates don’t like her, and it’s getting to her.

Episode 7 - Naughty Yachties

Due to an unplanned cancellation of a charter, the crew has to figure out what to do for a few days. But Captain Lee has his own ideas about what to do with those days. When the captain sets up a fire drill out of the blue, Aleks is blamed for the crew not being ready.

One night, the crew has a nice dinner on the beach near the deck sailing yacht, but a few rowdy people make Eddie and David mad. Adrienne and Ben are getting very close, which makes Kat sad. When Kat lets Ben know how she feels, she makes him even less interested in her.

Episode 8 - There's A New Captain In Town

Below Deck S1 - C.J. LeBeau

Crew member C.J. is a rebel who doesn’t know what to do, and people are starting to notice. When he openly goes against both Aleks and Lee, he has to deal with the results. Kat wants to know where she stands with Ben, but the latter has a big problem with how much Kat drinks.

Even though she knows it’s not a good idea, Sam comes up with a way to spend some time alone with C.J. while the rest of the crew works. The secret meeting backfires, threatening to ruin their close friendships and jeopardizing their jobs.

Episode 9 - Land Ahoy... Finally

Below Deck S1 - Adrienne flirting

It’s the crew‘s last charter, and they’re ready for the season to be over. But when a group of fun guests with lots of energy comes aboard, they feel better. When Adrienne is too friendly and flirty with the guests, the rest of the crew makes fun of her a lot.

The sudden, shocking departure of one of the crew members has thrown the rest of the staff for a loop. Still, they’ll have to put their egos aside and work together to make this last charter go smoothly.

Episode 10 - Reunion

Below Deck S1 - reunion

At the reunion hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, Adrienne Gang, Aleks Taldykin, Ben Robinson, C.J. Lebeau, David Bradberry, Eddie Lucas, Kat Held, and Sam Orme, talk about some of the most talked-about things that happened in the first season. Captain Lee also joins the group to discuss this season‘s charters.

Episode 11 - The Crew Tells All

Below Deck S1 - the crew tells all

Cast interviews that have never been seen before show lost footage from the first season. “The Crew Tells All” from Below Deck gives you a closer look at the crazy things the charter guests and crew do.

Below Deck Season 1 Quick Facts

  • an American reality TV series 
  • premiered on Bravo on July 1, 2013
  • aired from July 1, 2013, to September 9, 2013
  • executive producers are Mark Cronin, Courtland Cox, Nadine Rajabi, Lauren Simms, Rebecca Henning, James Bruce, and Elise Duran
  • under the production of 51 Minds Entertainment
  • consists of 11 episodes

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