What Happened in The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 9?


This reality program follows the opulent lifestyles of the region’s most appealing housewives in the glitzy “Golden Triangle” of Cheshire. Some affluent women in the cast, including Rachel Lugo and Dawn Ward. As the women attend exclusive social events, take weekend trips, and host opulent cocktail parties, more of their wealthy friends join them. Explosive drama and raging conflicts are never far from the surface in a world where one must maintain appearances.

In this season, Lauren Simon left the series. Season 9 kept life moving quickly for these glitzy women, and drama was always around the corner, as it was in Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Cast of The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 9

  • Dawn Ward – is a model, businesswoman, prominent interior designer, and reality TV star.
  • Seema Malhorta – is a businesswoman, fashion designer, and reality TV star.
  • Stacey Forsey – is known as the wife of the millionaire CEO of Sports Direct.
  • Tanya Bardsley – is a model turned into a life coach, businesswoman, and motivational book author.
  • Ester Dohnalová – is a model, socialite, and designer from the Czech Republic.
  • Rachel Lugo – is a television personality, businesswoman, and one of the longest reigning Housewives of Cheshire.
  • Nermina Pieters-Mekic – is a model, singer, and trained legal advisor married to footballer Erik Pieters.
  • Hanna Kinsella – is a qualified cosmetic dentist, model, and television personality.
  • Perla Navia – is a business owner, reality television star, and Colombian-born British yoga instructor.

Episode 1: Here Comes Trouble

Dawn greets a VIP lodger by opening the doors to Warford Hall. However, she could have accepted too much, and it’s unclear how the women would respond.

Episode 2: Flirting with Disaster

Ester enjoys her new employment and makes another step toward independence, while Rachel puts her domestic problems on hold to concentrate on her charitable efforts. Also, Dawn and Tanya’s persistent problems take an unexpected turn.

Episode 3: Grandma's Last Supper

After witnessing Hanna and Dawn’s shocking breakup, Seema is determined to reunite the Housewives with a dinner party! The omen of prior dinner parties lives on and does not usher peace in Cheshire. Ester’s grandmother’s unexpected visit did not help the women solve their problems and sent them over the edge.

Episode 4: Sex Tips for Housewives

Dawn shares her feelings with Tanya as the catastrophic dinner party proceeds, but she is troubled by Hana’s actions. When the Housewives get together for Perla’s most exclusive soirée, Rachel and Ester struggle to move on because old conflicts won’t let go.

Episode 5: Leaping Off the Fence

Dawn comes to Cheshire with some tragic news, but she also has to deal with the pressure of a company launch. While there is a test of Seema’s loyalty, Perla learns a startling revelation about Hanna that will place her in direct conflict with Tanya.

Episode 6: Calling Gloria Seema

Rachel hosts a traditional girls’ night out to put her family problems behind her, but tensions simmer amidst the shots, champagne, and scantily clad dancers. Dawn embraces her inner diva, Ester’s newest companion stirs up trouble at Warford Hall, and Perla gives Jonny some surprising news. When Tanya inquires about Seema’s motives, there are tears.

Episode 7: Dubai Be Good to Me

The Housewives fly to Dubai in quest of sharks, a beach, sun, and a haven. As the temperature soars, Rachel finally receives surprise answers to her queries concerning Ester’s behavior, and the friendship of Dawn and Seema seems to fall apart.

Episode 8: Why, Why, Why, Dubai?

Dawn is perplexed by Seema’s decision to keep Perla’s story to herself as the Housewives’ trip to Dubai ends. Still, a trip to the desert soon puts the pals back on track when a late-night argument flares up and results in a dinner party disaster that jeopardizes the foundations of many long-standing relationships, despite Rachel’s determination to end the trip on a good note.

Episode 9: P for Positivity

Friendships have never been so shattered when the housewives return to Cheshire. Tanya arranges a Positivity Party to try to reunite everyone as Hanna struggles to understand why everyone doubts her version of the events.

Episode 10: Faultless and Fancy Free

More division exists among the housewives than before. After the events at Tanya’s party, Hanna turns to Dawn for emotional support while Seema debuts her new collection with a high-fashion runway presentation. The women determine whether Rachel is framed or at fault for everything going wrong.

Episode 11: The Reunion

The Housewives are back for some hard truths as another exhilarating season closes. Brian Dowling, the host, is back to pose the problematic queries everyone seeks to clarify. Dawn and Tanya — have they moved on? Did Hanna call Seema names? How excellent was the sea bass that Ester served in Dubai?