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What Happened In Southern Charm Season 6? (Full Recap)

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In Season 6 of “Southern Charm,” Kathryn aims to overtake Patricia, the matriarch of Charleston, at the top of the social ladder. Cameran attempts to strike a balance between her professional and personal life so she may maintain her edge while accepting her life as a mother.

Craig employs a personal assistant to help him stay on track because he feels more confident now. Austen is trying to get his beer sold in Charleston while also dating Madison in a new relationship. Shep, wary of Austen’s new connection, is still living alone but is developing his sense of responsibility by raising a puppy named Little Craig. 

Chelsea remodeled her new James Island home and settled with a long-distance boyfriend. Naomie started her own business and is in a new relationship. Eliza strives to fit in with the gang, mainly as her prior alliances come to light.

Cast of Southern Charm Season 6

  • Craig Conover – a businessman, lawyer, reality television star, and social media influencer
  • Shepard “Shep” Rose – a restaurant owner, entrepreneur, and reality television star
  • Cameran Eubanks – a famous American actress, real estate broker, and reality television show star
  • Kathryn Dennis – a reality television personality, model, and an entrepreneur
  • Austen Kroll – a famous American businessman, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and reality television star
  • Chelsea Meissner – a hair stylist, reality television star, and well known for being a finalist on Season 24 of Survivor 
  • Eliza Limehouse – an entrepreneur, socialite, and reality television star
  • Naomie Olindo – a businesswoman, social media influencer, and reality television star

Episode 1 - RSVPeeved

Southern Charm S6 - Kathryn Dennis struggles over potential custody of her kids

A distressed Kathryn Dennis struggles with conflicted feelings and the potential of obtaining full custody of her children while Charleston reels from Thomas Ravenel’s imprisonment. Cameran Eubanks discovers she can’t have it all as she battles to combine motherhood and her profession. She acknowledges that she has not seen Craig since the previous season (Season 5). 

In contrast, Naomie Olindo has no trouble balancing a hot new boyfriend and a prosperous new business. After spending the summer in the Bahamas, Craig Conover found his rhythm again, but Austen Kroll was exposed to an inappropriate setting. But as guests arrive at Patricia Altschul’s dinner party, everyone is stunned to learn about yet another illicit encounter.

Episode 2 - Kat's Out of the Bag

Southern Charm S6 - Eliza Limehouse

Eliza Limehouse receives a stern talking from Cameran over her obnoxious behavior at Patricia’s dinner party. Whitney is in the spotlight due to rumors regarding his current romantic situation when Austen and Craig meet him for lunch. 

Chelsea and Kathryn Meissner settle into their new houses in the meanwhile. Whitney Sudler-Smith and Kathryn’s covert affair is revealed by Cameran when Chelsea throws a housewarming party to show off her new digs.

Episode 3 - Slide Into Your DMs Like...

Southern Charm S6 - Naomie Olindo

While Naomie balances her expanding clothes firm and her family’s restaurant empire, Cameran struggles with being a stay-at-home mother. Craig takes on the role of the town’s resident gossip role as Kathryn starts talking about her new boyfriend and spreading stories about his and Austen’s relationship. Shepard Rose and Craig launch an offensive after learning the rumors to defend their comrade.

Episode 4 - Barking up the Wrong Tree House

When Chelsea finds out that Austen has been disparaging Madison LeCroy in public, his concerns with doing so become more serious. In the meantime, Eliza gains a new perspective on life due to a shocking event. In the days leading up to the girls’ trip, Kathryn performs another one of her “MIA” pranks, and Naomie and Danni are committed to making her accountable for her actions.

Episode 5 - In Sew Deep

Southern Charm S6 - Craig threw a party to deceive his friends

As Cameran understands she has to return to work, Kathryn and Danni part ways amicably from the girls’ vacation. Craig, meantime, decides to throw a party to deceive his friends into helping him sew because he is far behind on the cushion orders. When Chelsea confronts Austen for whispering behind her back and Kathryn and Danni face their friendship problems head-on, the party turns for the worst.

Episode 6 - A Salt and Battery

Southern Charm S6 - Austen struggles to forget his ex girlfriend, Madison

The boys rent an RV and head outside to help Austen forget about his ex. Eliza tries to patch up friendships, Chelsea ups her hair game, and Cam finally asks for Palmer’s assistance. However, Kathryn and Danni’s company has come to a cold halt.

Episode 7 - Dick Moves and Dick Pics

In their continuous effort to win over Madison, the boys went out to Nashville. The girls confess some of their secrets during Patricia’s dinner party for women only, which is much naughtier than the lads’ night out, while Kathryn struggles to reconcile her friendship with Danni Baird.

Episode 8 - New Craig, Who Dis?

Southern Charm S6 - Shep gets used to living with Little Craig

Shep gets used to living with Little Craig, his new puppy. While Kathryn and Naomie learn the truth, Chelsea holds Austen’s feet to the fire. Craig, the human, becomes furious when Cameran hosts an oyster roast during her 35th birthday celebration.

Episode 9 - Sorry Not Sorry

Southern Charm S6 - Cameran lost her mojo

To assist Cameran in finding her mojo again, the cast plans to travel to Colorado. In order to avoid spending such a long weekend with Craig and his unresolved affections for her, Naomie chooses against going. In the meantime, Eliza invites a blast from the past to join the group for a day of skeet shooting at her family’s plantation, which has disastrous outcomes.

Episode 10 - Rocky Mountain High, Part 1

Southern Charm S6 - Kathryn confronts Whitney

Kathryn confronts Whitney about the notion that they had a summer affair as Charleston struggles with the consequences of Ashley’s “apology tour” at Eliza’s luncheon. To Shep’s dismay, Cameran tells him she’s asked Madison for her birthday ski trip in Colorado.

The journey, meantime, has a bumpy beginning as an irate Craig vent his pent-up rage on the group. Austen and Madison are the center of attention as they spend their first night together after their breakup under the same roof as everyone settles into the Steamboat Springs chalets.

Episode 11 - Rocky Mountain High, Part 2

While Craig, Austen, and Madison snowboard, Chelsea, Cameran, Eliza, Danni, and Kathryn head to the slopes for their first-ever ski lesson. As Austen and Madison’s romance picks back up steam, Kathryn spills more details about her hookup with Whitney. 

Later, when the group is eating a supper that contains cannabis, tensions mount as Kathryn is reminded of her past transgressions. Ashley calls Naomie unexpectedly while she is still in Charleston.

Episode 12 - Who Put the 'Mad' in Madison?

After a crazy night in Colorado, Whitney and Cameran opt to leave for Charleston while the party’s remaining members visits the hot springs. Shep gloats as it becomes apparent that Austen and Madison’s path to reconciliation won’t be simple. 

An enraged Madison recounts a supposed secret that puts Danni, as well as Shep, in danger. Austen must pick up the pieces when this bomb detonates, and the remaining Charmers must choose a side.

Episode 13 - Outfoxed

When Shep and Madison makeup, Austen’s earlier request is tested. Ashley reappears in the meantime and asks for a “second” chance; Eliza complies by inviting her to her Fox Hunt. The gang gets ready for the fight of a lifetime when Ashley and Kathryn finally meet after a year apart.

Episode 14 - White Gloves Off

When Austen discovers that Shep and Craig’s dates are the women from his infamous threesome film, the battle lines are formed as the Charleston socialites get ready for another spectacular celebration by Miss Patricia. Ashley is considering interrupting the gathering to confront Patricia about her “lying” despite Eliza’s advice, which is why Shep and Craig aren’t the only ones making problems.

Episode 15 - Southern Charm Reunion, Part 1

Southern Charm S6 - Reunion Part 1

In the opening episode of the “Southern Charm” reunion, Naomie stands up for her boyfriend against accusations that he is overbearing. Shep acknowledges that his elitism has contributed to his anger problems. Kathryn’s sobriety is questioned by Austen, and Craig is charged with having an Adderall addiction by Cameran.

Episode 16 - Southern Charm Reunion, Part 2

Southern Charm S6 - Reunion Part 2

Danni expresses her sorrow by her newfound connection with Madison to Kathryn in the second hour of the “Southern Charm Reunion.” Madison, Danni, and Shep square off in the meantime. Austen must also respond to whether the rumor about Shep and Danni was made up.

Married to Southern Charm 6 Quick Facts

  • an American reality TV series 
  • aired on Bravo TV from May 15, 2019, to August 28, 2019
  • Created by Whitney Sudler Smith and Bryan Kestner under Haymaker Productions
  • Executive producers are Aaron Rothman, Irad Eyal, Jessica Chesler, Whitney Sudler-Smith, Bryan Kestner, Jason Weinberg, and Morgan Miller
  • spin-offs are the following: Southern Charm Savannah, Southern Charm New Orleans, Southern Charm Summer House, and Southern Charm Leva Land.
  • Consists of 16 episodes

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