What Happened In Southern Charm Season 7 (Full Recap)


In Season 7 of “Southern Charm,” the cast provides a realistic glimpse of contemporary Southern nobility lives as South Carolina opens the gates of its centuries-old plantation homes. 

They discover a social environment governed by convention as they mingle with some of the most alluring gentlemen in the city and their Southern belle counterparts.

Cast of Southern Charm Season 7

  • Craig Conover – a businessman, lawyer, reality television star, and social media influencer
  • Shepard “Shep” Rose – a restaurant owner, entrepreneur, and reality television star
  • Kathryn Dennis – a reality television personality, model, and an entrepreneur
  • Austen Kroll – a famous American businessman, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and reality television star
  • Leva Bonaparte – an entrepreneur and reality television star
  • Madison LeCroy – a professional hairstylist, make-up artist, social media influencer, and reality television star
  • John Pringle – worked as a natural gas trader and a reality television star

Episode 1 - The Good Shephard

Southern Charm S7 - Madison and Austen

After all the turbulent relationship from the previous year (Season 6), Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy are now back in a good place, but Craig Conover moved in with him after a flood devastated his home. Living with a person from her past, Kathryn Dennis tells Craig some rumors and is caught off guard by the results. 

Shepard Rose’s attitude has changed, and now that he has a new girlfriend and a therapist with him, he is determined to stay out of everyone’s business. But a shocking turn of events has his pals questioning whether he has changed.

Episode 2 - Charleston Whine and Food Festival

Southern Charm S7 - Shepard Rose

At his party, Shep keeps spreading rumors, upsetting Madison and harming his friendship with Austen. In the meantime, Leva Bonaparte confronts Kathryn for spreading the story and stands up for Cameran Eubanks in the meanwhile.

Patricia Altschul advises John Pringle to approach Madison. The largest beer event of Austen’s career is about to take place, and he is unsure whether or not his buddies will go to support or ruin his big day.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn might share custody. Things are falling apart and being rebuilt. In addition, it appears that the party is getting rid of a lot of stuff. Kathryn reveals the affair that Jason, Cameran’s husband, is conducting. But Craig says the news must be false to escape the embarrassing situation.

Episode 3 - A Pair and a Spare

Southern Charm S7 - John Pringle

While the males go out and find John breaking the bro code, Leva hosts a Persian dinner for the gals. When Shep and Taylor go on a double date with Austen and Madison, pigs start to fly. And Kathryn’s vision of Thomas and her reconciling are dashed when she learns a secret about him.

Shep acknowledged his ignorance of the predicament and expressed regret for unintentionally hurting him. Everyone gathered to support Austen’s new business at the Food and Wine Festival.

Episode 4 - Single and Ready to Pringle

Southern Charm S7 - Thomas is expecting a new baby

Even though there are conflicts within the group, the boys get ready for Patricia’s annual dinner party. Even though it means breaching the bro code with his pal Austen, John decides to pursue Madison on the advice of Patricia. 

After finding out that Thomas is expecting a new child, Kathryn reorients her life in the meantime. When Charleston is dealing with the onset of Coronavirus, everything grinds to a screeching halt.

Episode 5 - Monumental Challenge

Southern Charm S7 - safety protocols are observed in the new normal in Charleston

Worldwide and in Charleston, there have been a lot of changes during the last two months. Schools, dining establishments, and other public areas are shut down with a worldwide pandemic.

In addition to political gatherings and other protests, residents requested to stay at home. Each person adjusts to their “new normal” when Charleston reopens.

Episode 6 - Love Sick

Southern Charm S7 - racism is a big concern for Leva

John snuggles up to Madison while she chooses Austen. Patricia will make a statement once Craig introduces his HSN collection. Leva challenges Kathryn about themes of racism and privilege in the meantime, while Shep and his girlfriend struggle under the quarantine’s demands.

Episode 7 - Low Country Broil

Southern Charm S7 - Kathryn continues to get criticism

With the help of Taylor, his girlfriend, Shep tries to get himself out of trouble. Kathryn continues to get criticism for her social media exchange despite her apology tour. 

As a result of Austen’s refusal to acknowledge that his relationship with Madison is ended, Craig feels compelled to make a sudden, desperate effort to support his friend.

Episode 8: It's My Party and I'll Go If I Want To...

Southern Charm S7 - Madison LeCroy

Shortly after their breakup, Madison extends an open invitation to what was supposed to be Austen’s birthday celebration. Despite Craig’s advice to turn down the invitation for the birthday boy, Austen decides to go. Madison, Simon, and Danni want Kathryn for good, causing her pain in their relationship. When everyone assembles on Capers’s remote island, they are only reached by ferry.

Episode 9 - Treehouse of Cards, Part 1

Pringle and Shep cohost a pool party, and it’s sink or swim. Finally, Leva calls the guys out for their steadfast defense of Kathryn and queries whether they are aware of all sides to the tale. While Austen hopes to put Madison’s narrative to rest, Craig could have found his fairy tale love.

Madison and Venita appear to be less trusting of Kathryn and her motivations. They cited a piece that said Kathryn set up a date with a black man to improve her reputation. They stood in front of the ring light in the mirror, doing their makeup, and looked each other in the side of the eyes.

Episode 10- Treehouse of Cards, Part 2

Southern Charm S7 - Madison revealed that Austen is dating other woman

As the episode closes, Madison’s revelation that Austen has been hooking up with another lady causes a commotion. While Kathryn eventually addresses her DM scandal, internal conflicts within the group threaten the group’s bonds.

While doing his bone-carrier responsibilities, Craig updates Shep on what he knows about Kathryn. After realizing the breadth of her racist remarks, he doesn’t believe he can commit to the friendship.

Episode 11 - Reunion, Part 1

The two-part “Southern Charm” reunion begins as the cast reunites to discuss a startling season that puts their friendships to the test in various ways. When addressing Madison about a snarky remark she made regarding his relationship, Craig doesn’t mince words. 

Quick to stir the flames and speculate about his ex-motivations girlfriend while they were dating, a scorned Austen doesn’t spare any time. Shep’s loyalty to his fiancée is questioned in the meantime, and Kathryn confronts her pals over a rumor she claims did not originate with her.

Episode 12 - Reunion, Part 2

Southern Charm S7 - Reunion Part 2

A rollercoaster of emotions marks the conclusion of the “Southern Charm” reunion. Craig mulls over his fragile friendship with Madison as newcomer John gets in trouble for repeatedly breaking the “bro-code.” Just as Austen is beginning to accept his recent breakup, Madison surprises the group by announcing the beginning of another relationship. 

Leva and Kathryn are trying to resolve their disagreement over the emoji scandal. But this time, Leva doesn’t only criticize Kathryn for living in a “bubble of privilege.”

Episode 13 - Secrets Revealed

Southern Charm S7 - The Cast

With previously unseen footage and surprising confessions from Charleston’s resident socialites, “Southern Charm” season seven has come to a close. Discover what the boys did during the lockdown and how the group celebrates Republic’s seventh anniversary. 

Pat went to significant measures to hire Michael. Find out the inside story on all the previously unrevealed occurrences this season, including what Madison and Kathryn think of Shep and Craig’s cleanliness.

Married to Southern Charm 7 Quick Facts

  • an American reality TV series 
  • aired on Bravo TV from October 29, 2020, to February 11, 2021
  • created by Whitney Sudler Smith and Bryan Kestner under Haymaker Productions
  • Executive producers are Aaron Rothman, Irad Eyal, Jessica Chesler, Whitney Sudler-Smith, Bryan Kestner, Jason Weinberg, and Morgan Miller
  • spin-offs are the following: Southern Charm Savannah, Southern Charm New Orleans, Southern Charm Summer House, and Southern Charm Leva Land.
  • consists of 13 episodes

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