How Did Sara Haines Lose Weight?

How Did Sara Haines Lose Weight?

By sticking to a particular diet and exercising, she was able to shed her postpartum weight.

The ABC daytime talk shows’ co-anchor Sara Haines is a journalist and television broadcaster best known for her work in this capacity. “The View,” “Strahan, “Sara and Keke,” and the game show “The Chase” are a few of the daytime talk shows Sara has co-hosted.

Sara Haines

She has likewise served as a reporter for “Today,” “ABC News,” and “Good Morning America.” In addition to her appearances on talk shows, Sara was a mother of three.

In November 2014, Sara and her lawyer husband, Max Shifrin, tied the knot, and the two of them have three children together: a daughter, Sandra Grace, and two sons, Alec Richard and Caleb Joseph.

Like any other mother out there, Sara also struggled with losing pregnancy weight, which is something she is very vocal about, as well as the methods she used to shed pounds.

Sara Haines avoided overindulging while she was pregnant.

Cravings are normal, but if you do not monitor your cravings and choose healthier options, they can lead to weight gain, and pregnancy cravings are not an exception.

Sara Haines kept a close eye on this throughout each of her pregnancies. She would do everything in her power to avoid overindulging so she would not put on weight while she was pregnant.

Sara also elaborated on this in an interview with US Magazine, saying, “Well, I always tried to watch in pregnancy because I know that is an old tale: ‘You’re eating for two.’ The baby’s this big, he’s not eating much, but I always watched during pregnancy that I didn’t put on too much.”

Sara Haines' Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Sara’s successful weight loss:

  • She follows Paleo diet.
  • Her workout is “toning exercises” and “getting steps.”
  • She avoids giving in to her cravings excessively.

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Sara Haines works out to shed her postpartum weight.

Sara Haines used to be open about working out in numerous interviews, so she is no longer new to it. But recently, following the birth of her third kid, Caleb Joseph, she began “getting steps” and practicing “toning exercises.”

In a separate interview with the publication in late June last year, she acknowledged being constantly concerned about her daily step count. While the journalist did not specify the specifics of her toning exercises, weight loss and muscular toning are two benefits of toning workouts.

Toning exercises are a fantastic method to enhance your general health, tone and shape your body, get rid of cellulite on your thighs and hips, strengthen your heart and lungs, gain lean muscle, and lower stress levels while exercising.

Moreover, you may maintain your weight loss by engaging in toning workouts that help you burn calories and reduce fat. Even if you are not dieting, toning workouts can reduce extra body fat and enhance your appearance.

Sara Haines has always included exercise in her daily routine in an effort to stay fit.

During a 2011 interview with SELF, Sara Haines previously talked about her workout routine before gave became a mother. Since then, one thing that has been consistent about her is doing toning exercises.

At that time, she admitted that training in the morning while sitting on a balancing disk at her desk throughout the day is her preoccupation. She added that the most significant change comes from the things she does outside of working out, which is diet.

What diet does Sara Haines follow?

Sara Haines follows a paleo diet, a diet plan focusing on eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods. It is based on the idea that our bodies are best adapted to what we ate in the Paleolithic era—a time when humans ate a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet.

Sara’s diet was revealed after she debunked a fan’s question about whether she follows the keto diet, which is a deficient calorie diet. A keto diet is a low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat dietary plan that forces your body to use fat rather than glucose as its primary source of fuel.

The two diets’ approaches to consuming fat are where they most significantly differ. You can consume as much fat as you’d want when following a ketogenic diet. The paleo diet, in contrast, restricts the consumption of any type of fat.

Also, paleo diets emphasize nutrients that come from plants and animals, particularly grass-fed sources like meat and wild seafood. Still, both diet plans are great ways to improve your health and lose weight. It is just that the television personality prefers the paleo diet because it consists of a healthy eating pattern.

In the same interview with SELF, Sara previously said that she always keeps an eye out to prevent mindless munching and that her diet consists of seeing what she can get away with. One instance is when she once gave up drinking Diet Coke in favor of seltzer.

“I tried to stop a gazillion times, but that one time did it, and now, I wouldn’t want a soda if you offered me one!” she recalled. “When I make it official and black and white that I can’t have something, it’s gonna make me want it more. I left it open, and now I never want one!”

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