Flavor Flav Curses Out Spirit Airlines Because Of Missed Flight

Flavor Flav Curses Out Spirit Airlines Because Of Missed Flight

Security was nearly called in response to this incident.

Flavor Flav struggles to keep his cool, especially when he misses a flight in Los Angeles. He also cursed at Spirit Airlines as a result of this encounter. Unfortunately, he was recorded by someone.

Flavor Flav

As reported by TMZ, the rapper was at a Spirit gate at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas on Thursday night when he missed his flight. Around 11:30 PM, he allegedly had a seat close to the gate while waiting to board an aircraft to Detroit.

To his dismay, the gate agent had shut the jetway access while he was at work using his laptop and his phone. He approached the gate, but the gate agent did not permit him in, preventing him from boarding the plane.

He can be seen becoming extremely frustrated in the video clip, arguing with the Spirit employee and even throwing some cuss words at the staff, who then threatened to contact security.

Representatives for Flav claim that the musician typically waits to board after everyone else because fans often want to snap selfies with him, and he doesn’t want to delay the boarding procedure.

Spirit did, however, reopen the door before the video started to let in additional people, but it was swiftly closed again to keep Flav and the other two out.

The “Public Enemy” member told the publication: “Spirit Airlines shut the door on me while I was in line to board. I was upset and said some harsh words to the gate agent.”

“I apologize to those who witnessed me acting out of character. I do not apologize to Spirit Airlines or the gate agent.”

Reactions to Flavor Flav Curses Out Spirit Airlines Because Of Missed Flight

He’s flying spirit was his first mistake


Flavor Flav didn't catch his flight in time and then flipped out on a gate agent who's just doing their job. For someone who carries a big a-- clock around his neck, you'd think he would never be late.


He should have fought the powers that be of Spirit Airlines. 🤷🏾‍♀️


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