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Scott Ryan is an Australian actor and writer. He caught his big break in the Australian film industry back in 2005 with a mockumentary film that he wrote and produced while a student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) using only $3000 of his own money, The Magician.” He is also known for Mr. Inbetween,” a film he wrote and directed himself. 

Scott Ryan's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Scott Ryan

Nationality American
Estimate Net Worth $1-5 million
Religion N/A
Zodiac Sign N/A
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Birthday 1969-1970

Scott' Ryan's Net Worth

The exact net worth of Scott Ryan is unknown. However, a handful of sources claim that the actor is worth around $1-5 million. (1) Scott Ryan’s net worth is attributed mainly to his acting career and, at the same time, his directing and writing. The actor’s story about how he was able to multiply his $3000 self-financed film into a million-dollar motion picture is very inspiring.

Ray Shoesmith, a fictional character and a central part of Scott Ryan’s career as both an actor and overall creative writer and director, is the one that really gave the Australian actor the career and money. His film The Magician” and the TV Series Mr. Inbetween” delve into the character of Shoesmith as a Melbourne-base hitman. The fictional character opened many doors for Scott Ryan to show his acting and writing prowess. 

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Scott Ryan's Early Life

There is only limited information about Scott Ryan’s early life. However, based on what we have researched, the actor’s birth place is Melbourne, Australia. The Australian actor was born between the years 1969-1970, making him about 52-53 years old

Due to the limited information found on the actor’s life, there is no information about his siblings and parents.

Scott Ryan's Education

Scott Ryan attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, also known as RMIT University, a public university located in Melbourne, Australia. The actor’s degree was not specified, but in one of his interviews, the actor disclosed that he created the mockumentary film, The Magician” for school. (2) With this information, it is safe to say that he took up a college course related to filmmaking. For someone who makes movies, one important skill is the ability to write a good story, which Scott clearly has. We know that many students use services to help them with their filmmaking assignments or even other paper writing. Such an essay writer service can assist students in various aspects of their filmmaking tasks and it’s possible that Scott Ryan used such services to enhance his filmmaking assignments.

Scott Ryan's Wife and Family Life

There is no information regarding Scott Ryan’s family life available on the internet. Some sources claim that he is married to a woman named Helen. Still, upon further verification, it was proven that the sites had confused Scott Ryan with another prominent Australian figure, the politician Scott Michael Ryan.

In his Instagram account, one of the few pictures that he had there was with a little boy. However, he does not specify his relationship with the child. This post will be updated once new information is gathered.

Scott Ryan's Career

Scott Ryan’s career in film started when he was just a college student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He was asked to create a movie for his second year of university as a school project. They were allowed creative freedom for the project, and the young Scott Ryan thought about creating a mockumentary film about real-life hitmen. He began reading about the stories of real-life hitmen in the 1990s and used it as a basis for his masterpiece,The Magician.” 

Since he was just a student, he didn’t have much money to finance his film, and because of that, he self-financed the film using only $3000 and a mini-DVD. He submitted the first version of the film ad, then another version when he was in his third year. In his fourth and final year of university, Scott Ryan submitted the final version of The Magician.”

In 2005, The Magician” was given a government-sponsored grant of $330,000, which he used to re-release the film. The mockumentary featured the Australian actor as the movie’s main character, Ray Shoesmith.

Years after the initial release of The Magician,” Scott Ryan was offered by the American pay television FX to turn his masterpiece into a television series. Hence, the creation of Mr. Inbetween,” which reprises his character as Ray Shoesmith. The television series lasted for about three seasons before ending in July 2021. Ryan was happy about the show’s ending. 

In one of his interviews, the actor was quoted saying, “After season two, I kind of thought, well, you know, it is probably time to wrap it up now.” (3)

As of now, the actor is happily doing what he loves the most writing and directing. Moreover, upon looking at his Instagram page, it seemed like Scott was trying his best not to use social media as much and just focus on his career and family.

His most recent post was on January 22, 2023, and while he was not present in the picture since he took a photo of his friend instead, the actor made it known that they were just catching up on life. He captioned the photo, “Great to catch up with Massimiliano Andrighetto, who played the documentary filmmaker in the Magician.”

However, prior to this post, his last photo was posted on January 28, 2022, making the gap almost one year. The photo he posted at that time was just a sunrise, and he wrote in the caption, “St Kilda mornings.”

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