How Did Desmond Harrington Lose Weight?


The underlying factor that caused major weight loss in Desmond Harrington.

Actor Desmond Harrington is most well-known for his roles in the movies “Wrong Turn,” “Ghost Ship,”  “The Hole,” and among many more. Desmond has had recurring roles in the TV series “Gossip Girl” and the drama “Dexter,” where he played Detective Joseph “Joey” Quinn starting in the third season.


The actor started his acting career in 1999 when he was cast as Aulon in the Luc Besson film “The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc,” which featured John Malkovic and Milla Jovovich featured the tale of Saint Joan of Arc, a 15th-century religious martyr. Jovovich and Besson, who had collaborated on the Fifth Element, were reunited on the show.

About two years later, actor Desmond was cast in the psychological horror movie “The Hole,” which was adapted from Guy Burt’s novel “After the Hole,” and featured Kiera Knightley, Thora Birch, and other actors. The movie tells the tale of imprisoned prep school students in an underground refuge.

He was given another prominent role in the 2002 film “Ghost Ship,” which centers on a crew of maritime salvage workers who find an ocean liner that inexplicably vanished in 1962.

The Steven Spielberg drama “Taken,” in which he portrayed alien abductee Jesse Keys, focuses on the lives of three families who are all involved in extraterrestrial activities in some way. Harrington was cast in the 2003 film “Wrong Turn,” which featured him alongside Eliza Dushku.

The various rumored reasons for the actor’s major changes in his appearance.


It is widely known that Harrington tends to keep his personal affairs out of the public eye and gives so little detail about them. Desmond developed a close relationship with actress Amanda Seyfried on the filming of “The Way We Get By,” and they started dating in 2012. However, their romantic relationship only lasted a year until they broke up.

Additionally, he has been allegedly associated with social media star Gabbie Hanna as a response to a tweet she sent, albeit this story has not been verified. More importantly, regarding the actor’s changes in his appearance, fans of “Dexter” began to notice that the actor was becoming noticeably leaner and more chiseled during the show’s later seasons.

As the seasons went on, viewers started to notice that he was slowly losing weight. It was initially understated, but throughout the course of Season 5, it grew greatly emphasized to the point that he now appears to be awful. He appears sluggish and unwell; his skin appears quite unnatural, his cheekbones are sunken in, his posture has deteriorated, and he generally exudes a sickly appearance.

This sparked speculation concerning his weight loss, with several suggesting that he had plastic surgery done while others speculated he might have an illness. Others suspected that he might have developed a drug addiction, but he later refuted the accusations and claimed that he was simply eating more healthfully and had begun running as part of his exercise routine.

“I didn’t have any plastic surgery. I’m not sick; it’s called running and eating better! You understand? I’m in my 30s now,” he stated. Then the actor continued, “All these ridiculous stuff that I read “He’s sick, he’s on drugs,” get a life! I just changed how I ate and begin to run!”

Desmond Harrington’s Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Desmond’s successful weight loss:

  • He maintains his running exercise.
  • He opted for a healthy diet.

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What is the Desmond Harrington diet plan?


Despite the claim that the actor’s healthy lifestyle has helped him shed weight, Desmond withheld any information about his weight-loss process. However, we can still discuss the idea of establishing a diet plan with the goal of losing weight. 

The diet should be based on calorie intake and intensity of activity a person wants to do in their workout regime. Many well-known diets advise cutting back on calories and increasing the intensity of the activity. Some of these are Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and the Paleo Diet. All of these have been successful for many people. 

While some of these diets have specific foods that they promote, they can be adjusted for individual dietary needs. The most important thing to take note of is to not deprive yourself of any of the food groups while on a diet. It is also vital to include a variety of healthy foods for a balanced diet.

It is important to understand how your body burns calories to achieve your weight loss goals. Your body is able to store energy from the food you eat as fat or muscle, depending on how much energy you use throughout the day. 

For example, if you eat a candy bar instead of a salad for lunch, you are likely to store the extra energy as fat since it is easier for your body to store fat than muscle. Eating healthy and engaging in physical activity on a regular basis will help maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity and other chronic diseases.

What is Desmond Harrington’s workout routine?


The same goes for the actor’s workout routine, and he also didn’t disclose any information about exercise besides taking a run. Moreover, having an exercise routine is also as important as following any diet a person wants to go. Starting out with the proper diet and workout plan is essential because a good diet and workout go hand in hand when it comes to shedding weight and improving your overall health. 

A combination of these two things can ensure that your body is receiving the right amount of calories it needs to perform at optimal levels and also burn off the excess fat in your body to help you see actual results in no time. Furthermore, you also need to pay attention to what you eat if you want to lose weight and keep it off for good.

We’ve all seen those infomercials for workout equipment and supplements that promise to help you lose 10 pounds in one week, but the truth is that all you have to do to lose weight is eat a healthy diet and do some form of exercise for 30 minutes per day or so.

For instance, a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength workout is the best way to shed weight and keep it off. Cardio helps burn calories and strengthen your heart muscle, while strength training builds muscle which raises your metabolism, helping you burn fat even when you’re at rest.

Trying out new approaches and exercise categories is the best way to keep things light. It can be challenging to begin a fitness routine at times; therefore, one needs to have courage and determination. All of these weight loss ideas and techniques are useless if the person using them lacks patience and a desire to see the outcomes of their efforts.

Fans' Reactions to Desmond Harrington's Weight Loss Journey

Several of Desmond Harrington’s fans have expressed worry as a result of the attention his dramatic weight loss transformation has garnered. While Harrington has credited a healthy diet and exercise for his weight loss, several fans have raised concerns about the likelihood of an underlying medical condition.

One social media user voiced his concern to the actor, writing, “Has Desmond Harrington been ill? I can’t help but notice his exteme weight loss over the past year or so :(” Another user also shared the same sentiment, saying, “Desmond Harrington’s weight loss is really freaking me out. Did I not notice it last week? Episodes filmed way apart? #Dexter”

“People on filmweb’s Desmond Harrington profile are speculating about his weight loss having to do with him being ill with AIDS,” a third user wrote, while this user likewise stated, “Oh, Desmond Harrington..your weight loss can’t just be “running and eating better”. You look incredibly ill. It’s not an attack. It just is.”

Harrington’s devotion to his health and fitness has also received support and respect, with many of his followers complimenting him for it and encouraging others to make similar changes in their own life. Harrington’s weight loss journey is still a personal decision, despite the worries raised by some fans, and it serves as a reminder of the value of putting one’s own health and well-being first.

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