The Best Lily-Rose Depp Street Style Ideas


When it comes to casual style, Lily-Rose Depp sways towards jeans. She likes to mix and match them with an inner layer, a pair of sneakers, and a handbag. In that way, she can channel her chic street-style look whenever she wants.

Lily-Rose often pairs her Levi’s Trucker Denim jacket with John Galliano Gazette Newspaper leggings and Nike sneakers. She also carries a Hermes Suede Plume bag and Chanel Rectangle Tortoise sunglasses when out and about. For more styling inspiration from Lily-Rose Depp, keep on reading the article.

Lily-Rose Depp Personal Information And Lifestyle

Lily-Rose Depp is the daughter of famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and French model Vanessa Paradis. She was born on May 27, 1999, in Paris, France.

Despite growing up with celebrity parents, Lily-Rose Depp doesn’t let her parents’ fame get to her. She takes a level-headed approach to life, ensuring her privacy is respected.

She also says she’s not a big fan of social media because she prefers to live a more authentic life. However, she acknowledges that there are pros and cons to using social media.

Depp left her high school early and pursued her acting and modeling career. Luckily, she was lucky enough to have parents who supported her in her endeavors.

When she was just a teenager, she became Chanel’s brand ambassador and was chosen to be the face of their perfume. At Chanel, she has walked the runway and been featured in several campaigns. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she admitted she was honored to be part of one of the brand’s handbag campaigns in 2022.

Besides, Lily Rose opened up about her family and life as a model. She revealed that she’s battling anorexia and has dealt with mental health issues. She also credited social media for raising awareness about issues like eating disorders.

Besides her acting and modeling career, Lily-Rose Depp is a passionate movie fan. She often watches movies with her friends and family. Moreover, she has a strong passion for fashion.

What Is Street Styling?

Street styling is a style of dressing influenced by popular culture and reflected through photographs taken of people on the streets. It is trendy on Instagram and a form of fashion not typically seen in high-fashion publications.

Street style is a look carried off well by an individual with confidence and panache. It often involves using bold, eclectic elements that are accentuated by exaggerated features, extended shoulders, baggy clothes, oversized jackets, or coats that can be cinched at the waist.

In the case of Lily-Rose Depp, she has a unique street style that is based on a variety of different types. She is very much a fan of leather coats and jackets. Hello, Magazine mentioned her expertise in off-duty fashion, and that is Lily Rose’s impeccable street styling.

Lily Rose also wears denim jeans quite frequently. She has a unique and exciting street style that includes a variety of colors, prints, and designs not usually found in high-fashion publications.

Her street style is an excellent example of mixing and matching different fashion pieces without going overboard. It is essential because it ensures you get the best look possible for the outfit.

For instance, she wore an Out from Under Markie top with a Brandy Melville Genevieve skirt and Repetto Paris Black Farrah Block Heel Ballerinas. The look was completed with a Hermes Suede Plume bag and Chanel Rectangle Tortoise sunglasses.

Another trend that she has embraced is the use of rompers. She wore one to the Venice Film Festival in 2019, and it was a fantastic look. It was a unique attire that was not only elegant but stylish as well. She even added a square scarf to the look to further enhance the old Hollywood feel of it.

Lily-Rose Depp's Best Street Style Looks

As a Chanel brand ambassador and the daughter of famous actor Johnny Depp, Lily-Rose Depp is one of the world’s most stylish women. She always looks chic and elegant, whether walking the red carpet at the Met Gala or wearing a dress to a film festival.

Lily Rose’s street style is just as impressive, and her looks can inspire anyone. She is known for bringing French-blend-plus-Americana vibes to her style and can encourage anyone looking to improve their fashion.

She is also known for her signature wardrobe, including vintage-inspired pieces, making her look cool and trendy. Lily-Rose Depp often opts for a vintage leather jacket or coat to complete her outfit.

The 22-year-old actress and model is an incredibly versatile style icon unafraid to experiment with different styles. For example, she has a penchant for puffer jackets which can add an exciting element to her outfit.

Another popular piece she often wears is a pair of wired headphones. She’s been wearing a pair of Bose over-the-ear headphones with a cord for a wired look. She usually pairs them with a cross necklace and a black bag.

To complete her outfit, she wears a pair of hexagonal sunglasses. It is a notable fashion trend worn by many celebrities and style stars. You can check out Pinterest immediately for Lily Rose’s outfits and sunglasses.

Her wardrobe is a testament to her love for Chanel, as she has been an active Chanel brand ambassador since age 15. The French fashion house chose her to star in some of their primary ad campaigns and has kept her in their inner circle since the start of her career. She is now a highly-respected fashion icon, and her fashion choices significantly inspire younger women.

How To Copy Lily-Rose Depp's Street Style?

As the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose is always in the fashion limelight. She is the newest face of Chanel, and she hasn’t stopped showing off her sartorial skills since her first red carpet arrival—no wonder many people want to copy her styling options.

To get her fans drooling over her latest looks, the actress-turned-model stepped out for her first-ever runway show in New York City last week, and the results were nothing short of stunning. The young lady was in top form as she sashayed the catwalk in a sheer black tulle number, complete with a fluted hem and matching gold shoes.

Her mom also took to Instagram to gush about her daughter’s stylish strut, and she was not alone in her admiration of the starlet. You can check out Lily-Rose Depp’s Instagram profile to copy her looks. She recently uploaded photos of her stylish outfits that are both on-trend and easy to replicate.

Lily-Rose Depp's New-Age French-Girl Fashion Style

When it comes to Lily-Rose Depp’s Street style, you can expect a few things: perfectly coiffed don’t-care hair, velvet chokers, crop tops, and ladylike heels. She’s also a big fan of Chanel classics, often paired with a modern twist.

For example, she wore the brand’s iconic boucle tweed jacket at the Spring/Summer 2021 show, and she teamed it with jeans, a bralette, and a midriff-flossing chain around her torso. She was also spotted wearing a pink Chanel tube dress during the Venice Film Festival, and she accessorized it with a patterned square scarf that looked an old-Hollywood feel.

Despite her young age, Lily-Rose Depp is a true fashion star. She is the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis and has a close relationship with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. On one occasion, Vogue also wrote about her new-age French girl style. They believed that Lily-Rose Depp was both classy and fabulous.

The teen actress and model have a stacked resume, starring in several films, including “Yoga Hosers” and “Planetarium” alongside her mother, Natalie Portman. Her upcoming roles include HBO’s “The Idol,” which will air next year.

Lily-Rose’s sartorial styling is as much a reflection of her spirited personality as it is her effortless style. She’s a confessed Francophile and has a knack for blending French-girl flair with RN fantastic — she’s a massive fan of Chanel’s runway designs and tweed and pearls.

She has an innate understanding of how to dress for success, and she often styles her wardrobe with pieces that you can easily recreate. Whether it’s a button-up cardigan that doubles as a crop top, a classic LBD, or a pair of tweed pants, she knows how to make any outfit look polished and ready for the next big event.