Tom Felton Earned A Whopping $14 Million For Just 31 Minutes In “Harry Potter”

Tom Felton Earned A Whopping $14 Million For Just 31 Minutes In “Harry Potter”
Tom Felton Earned A Whopping $14 Million For Just 31 Minutes In “Harry Potter”

Are there any spells we can use to earn such magical millions in Hogwarts?

Tom Felton’s role as Draco Malfoy in the iconic “Harry Potter” franchise has made him a household name among fans of the beloved series. Felton’s portrayal of the enduring antagonist gave the film depth and complexity, making him a prominent character despite having less screen time than the franchise’s leading actors. 

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In the movies, Malfoy is Harry Potter’s rival and a bully to him and his companions. Throughout the series, he experiences significant character growth, and by the time of the final episode, his hatred for Harry has diminished. Even though he was onscreen for less than 3% of each movie’s duration, Felton played a role in each one.

Felton was so captivating to audiences worldwide that most of them had a hard time picturing anyone else in the part. Even more incredible, though, is the fact that the actor reportedly made $14 million for only a little over 30 minutes of screen time over the eight movies, which is over a decade of work on the franchise.

However, Felton acknowledges that he “squandered” the money he earned from the franchise, claiming that he spent much of it on cars and “rubbish things” that children had purchased at his time. Because of this, he had a “scary two years” where he had tax problems.

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He opened up about this during his interview with The Daily Mail via Express in 2010, adding, “I had been working for eight years, and all I had to show for it was this horrible debt.” The good thing was that his other acting opportunities and work in the entertainment industry enabled him to increase his wealth along the way.

Some of his next acting gigs include “Apparition,” “Belle,” “From The Rough,” “Stratton,” “A United Kingdom,” and “A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting.” He also became a hit on television, thanks to his role as Doctor Alchemy or historian Julian Albert in “The Flash.”

Felton is a musician in addition to being an actor, and he has a small record company called Six String Productions. Through his label, he has been successful in releasing a number of EPs, furthering his success. Felton has amassed a $20 million net worth due to his musical and acting endeavors.

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