Keanu Reeves Hopes To Play His Favorite Marvel Hero Even If “It Is Too Late”

Keanu Reeves Hopes To Play His Favorite Marvel Hero Even If “It Is Too Late”
Keanu Reeves Hopes To Play His Favorite Marvel Hero Even If “It Is Too Late”

Adults are still obsessed with their childhood dreams, do you wonder why?

In his 58 years, Keanu Reeves has portrayed several iconic characters, including “John Wick,” Ted in “Bill & Ted,” and Neo in “The Matrix” but the actor claims that he would have loved to portray “Ghost Rider” as a child, and according to him, he still needs to play the role that his younger self would like to see him play.

The actor stated, “I believe 10-year-old Reeves would want to be Ghost Rider.” Ghost Rider, alias Johnny Blaze, is a stunt motorcyclist whose head is a flaming skull and whose motorcycle is also on fire. 

In a 2007 film and a 2012 sequel, Nicolas Cage famously — or infamously, based on the majority of negative reviews — portrayed him. The connection between Reeves and Ghost Rider is familiar, don’t you think? 

In 2019, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige stated that the studio was in contact with Reeves for almost every film they made. Fans quickly suggested that motorcycle-loving Reeves play Ghost Rider.

Nearly thirty years have elapsed since the release of Bill and Ted’s “Bogus Journey,” and Keanu Reeves has proven that there is always time to reprise the roles that made him renowned in 1989. However, Reeves acknowledges that he wasted his opportunity to portray his favorite Marvel superhero.

Since his breakthrough performance as Ted “Theodore” Logan in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” Reeves has portrayed many action protagonists in various films. Through his roles in “Point Break,” “Speed,” and “The Matrix,” he became one of the most bankable leading males of the 1990s. Then, Reeves experienced a career revival with the unexpected triumph of “John Wick” and its sequels in 2014.

At 55, Reeves had returned to his action icon heyday when two additional “John Wick” sequels were in development. He even reprised his role as Neo in “The Matrix 4” in 2022. However, as actor after actor joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe, could Reeves join the MCU shortly?

Reeves was asked if there were any past roles he would have liked to portray. And it didn’t take long for the actor to admit he would adore traveling back in time to battle a particular Marvel mutant.

“I’ve always desired to portray Wolverine… Frank Miller’s Wolverine? Certainly,” Reeves shared when asked which iteration of the Marvel Comics character he prefers. In the 1980s, Frank Miller and Chris Claremont collaborated to create Wolverine’s first spinoff comic.

Alex Winter, Reeves’ co-star in Bill and Ted, stated that there is still time for Reeves to play Wolverine, but Reeves appears to have accepted that he never had the opportunity to play a Marvel protagonist. Hugh Jackman instead delivered an iconic performance.

Reeves asserts he is good with not playing Wolverine now. Considering that the MCU currently lacks one, he will likely need to be introduced at some point. Rumors persist that Marvel Studios is courting Reeves actively. Nevertheless, it is possible that Reeves is not interested in another long-term franchise agreement.

Even so, the actor would be ideal as a Wolverine from an alternate timeline, a future version of the character, or even as the protagonist of a spinoff film. With “John Wick” placing him back on top, Reeves’ inclusion in a current superhero franchise is almost inevitable.

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