“Yellowstone” Star Cole Hauser Crushes Fans’ Hopes With Jaw-Dropping Update On Season 5

“Yellowstone” Star Cole Hauser Crushes Fans’ Hopes With Jaw-Dropping Update On Season 5
“Yellowstone” Star Cole Hauser Crushes Fans’ Hopes With Jaw-Dropping Update On Season 5

This is a piece of disappointing news for the show’s fans.

Cole Hauser, the charismatic star of the popular neo-western series “Yellowstone,” provided a depressing update to the much-awaited Season 5 comeback. Hauser, who is well-known for playing the iconic character Rip Wheeler, recently revealed the show’s current production status, dashing hopes of a summer 2023 comeback.

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Kevin Costner’s future on the program has been the subject of speculations earlier this year, leading to the conjecture that “Yellowstone” may be poised to end because the actor wants a minor part. However, it is still being determined what will really happen to the show, and until the last episodes are broadcast, it is doubtful that any firm details will be made public.

The show’s potential return to screens during the anticipated summer 2023 release window was questioned by Hauser among these swirling rumors. During a Q&A session with fans at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, he disclosed that filming on the second half of Season 5 has not yet started and might not start until May.

“You know, we’ll see what’s next, but right now, I’m focused on giving you guys 5B; you’ve been waiting for it a little while!” the actor said at that time. “But we’re trying to go back to work in May, so hopefully that’ll happen.”

This update suggests that Season 5’s comeback won’t happen this summer as planned initially but rather will be delayed until a later time. Unfortunately, Hauser avoided addressing the speculation over Costner’s possible return to the program. 


Season 5’s first half came to an end in January, and the show’s creator Taylor Sheridan is already hard at work developing many “Yellowstone” spinoffs. Numerous rumors have surfaced regarding Costner’s involvement in the series, with some claiming that Matthew McConaughey may eventually play a major role.

However, a spokesperson for Paramount swiftly debunked these rumors, indicating that Costner remains an integral part of “Yellowstone,” saying, “Kevin Costner is a big part of Yellowstone, and we hope that’s the case for a long time to come.” 

Scheduling issues and wage disputes are among the speculations surrounding Costner’s alleged drama. Due to his demanding schedule, which included his commitment to the western drama “Horizon,” the actor reportedly wanted to lessen his role in “Yellowstone.” However, difficulties go beyond matters of timing.

Due to rumored tensions between Sheridan and Costner, the future of the program is in doubt. Matthew Belloni claims in an interview with ET Online that conflicts over filming schedules, pay, and personalities are the cause of the animosity.

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“Kevin Costner is famously headstrong, and he has been at odds with Taylor Sheridan, the creator of this show, for months now over the days that he’s gonna be shooting for the next part of the season,” Belloni disclosed.

Moreover, in order to finish Season 5’s second half, Costner apparently asked to take part in just one week of filming. The dispute between Costner and Sheridan’s crew apparently worsened after Paramount reportedly turned down this request.

According to further sources, Costner wants to be paid more for his contribution. At the moment, Costner makes nearly $1 million every episode of “Yellowstone,” making him one of the highest-paid performers on television.

“Yellowstone” Season 5 was supposed to return in the summer of 2023 on Paramount, but there have been delays and unknowns ever since. For the next episode of their cherished series, it seems as though viewers may have to wait longer.

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