Patton Oswalt’s Top 7 Highest-Grossing Box Office Movies

Patton Oswalt's Most Successful Movies

Patton Oswalt is a Hollywood force known for his sharp wit, biting social commentary, and memorable roles in both comedy and drama. While primarily a stand-up comedian and television actor, Oswalt’s distinctive voice and acting chops have made him a sought-after presence in animated films and supporting roles on the big screen. Key Takeaways Patton […]

Kumail Nanjiani’s Top 5 Highest-Grossing Box Office Movies

Kumail Nanjiani's Greatest Box Office Successes

Kumail Nanjiani has emerged as a versatile talent in Hollywood, known for his comedic timing, dramatic depth, and thought-provoking writing. While best known for his breakout role in “The Big Sick” and his physique transformation for Marvel’s “Eternals,” Nanjiani’s presence in various films has contributed to some impressive box office numbers. My favorite Kumail appearance […]

Finn Wolfhard’s Top 6 Highest-Grossing Box Office Movies

Finn Wolfhard's Most Successful Movies

Finn Wolfhard has quickly become one of his generation’s most recognizable young actors. His breakout role in Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and hilarious turn in the “IT” franchise have demonstrated his range and charisma. Wolfhard’s rising star power has contributed to the success of several recent projects. Key Takeaways Wolfhard’s biggest box office successes are tied […]

Dan Aykroyd’s Top 13 Highest-Grossing Box Office Movies

Dany Aykroyd's Most Successful Movies

Dan Aykroyd is a comedy legend whose iconic characters, witty scripts, and entrepreneurial spirit have left a lasting mark on pop culture. From his early days on “Saturday Night Live” to the creation of the Blues Brothers and his memorable role in “Ghostbusters,” Aykroyd’s career is filled with both critical and commercial successes. Key Takeaways […]

Bill Murray’s Top 8 Highest-Grossing Box Office Movies

Bill Murray's Most Successful Movies of All Time

Bill Murray is an icon of both comedy and offbeat drama. Over his decades-long career, he’s cultivated a reputation for deadpan deliveries, lovable curmudgeons, and a touch of melancholy beneath the humor. His ability to shift effortlessly between blockbuster hits and quirky indies has resulted in an impressive box-office track record. Key Takeaways Murray’s comedic […]

Ernie Hudson’s Top 8 Highest-Grossing Box Office Movies

Most Successful Ernie Hudson Movies

Ernie Hudson is a beloved character actor known for his warmth, charisma, and ability to elevate any scene he’s in. From his iconic role in “Ghostbusters” to his more recent work in film and television, Hudson has consistently delivered compelling performances and contributed to the success of several major franchises. Key Takeaways Ernie Hudson’s most […]

Harold Ramis’s Top 9 Highest-Grossing Box Office Movies

Most Successful Harold Ramis Movies

Harold Ramis was a multifaceted talent—a brilliant writer, director, and actor who left an enduring mark on comedy. His sharp wit, a knack for crafting relatable characters, and ability to blend the absurd with the heartfelt resulted in some of the most beloved and financially successful comedies of all time. Key Takeaways Ramis’ most successful […]

Sigourney Weaver’s Top 7 Highest-Grossing Box Office Movies

Top Sigourney Weaver Box Office Hits

Sigourney Weaver is an iconic figure in cinema. She’s pioneered strong female action heroes, excelled in comedies, and delivered unforgettable science-fiction performances. Her versatility and enduring star power have contributed to the success of several major franchises and critically acclaimed films. Key Takeaways Sigourney Weaver’s most commercially successful roles are in high-concept science-fiction and action […]

Sexy Joelle Garguilo Photos

Sexy Joelle Garguilo Photos

Joelle Garguilo is an Emmy® Award-winning entertainment reporter for WABC. A native New Yorker, she began her career in broadcast television 15 years ago at NBC, interviewing hundreds of stars on the screen and stage, including Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Jim Carrey, Zendaya, Timothee Chalamet, Julia Roberts, Tony Bennett, […]

Sexy Janice Yu Photos

Sexy Janice Yu Photos

Janice Yu joined the ABC7 Eyewitness News team as a reporter in August 2022. She is excited to be part of a legendary team of talented journalists! Before joining the team, she was a reporter and fill-in anchor for FOX5 Atlanta. During her time there, she chased breaking news, covered feature stories, the 2020 Presidential […]