Keira Knightley’s Net Worth & Personal Info

Keira Knightley is a renowned British actress and is best known for her roles in films such as “Bend It Like Beckham” and the famous “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Knightley has received various accolades for her performances, including an Empire Award, and has been nominated for prestigious honors such as BAFTA Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Academy Awards.

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Keira Knightley’s Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height 5 ft 7 in

1.7 m

Weight 121 pounds

55 kg

Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Body Type Slim
Sexual Orientation Straight


Facts About Keira Knightley

Nationality British
Estimated Net Worth $80 million
Religion Atheist
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birthplace Teddington, London
Birthday March 26, 1985


Keira Knightley’s Net Worth

Keira Knightley has an impressive net worth of $80 million

Keira Knightley has an impressive net worth of $80 million. She has been involved in the acting industry since school, with an extensive background in various types of movies and projects. Over time, she has become one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, known for films such as “Bend It Like Beckham,” the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, and “Pride and Prejudice.”

In addition to her successful acting career, Knightley has earned a significant income from various endorsements. Her most notable endorsement is for Chanel, where she has been the face of their perfume line Coco since 2006. Besides Chanel, Knightley has endorsed brands like Asprey, Shiatzy Chen, and Lux. These endorsements have contributed significantly to her overall income.

Throughout her career, Knightley has been known to receive generous salaries for her movie appearances, contributing to her accumulated net worth. For instance, her breakthrough role in “Bend It Like Beckham” brought her greater global recognition and increased her potential for higher earnings. Moreover, her participation in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise played a vital role in skyrocketing her income and overall net worth.

Besides her acting and endorsements, Knightley is also known for her philanthropic efforts, supporting various causes and organizations such as Amnesty International, Comic Relief, WaterAid, and UNHCR. This showcases her commitment to giving back and contributing to important social and environmental issues.


Early Life

Keira Christina Knightley was born on March 26, 1985, in Teddington, London

Keira Christina Knightley was born to well-known stage actors Will Knightley and Sharman Macdonald on March 26, 1985, in Teddington, London. Growing up in a family deeply involved in acting, Knightley developed an interest in acting at an early age. Her earliest exposure to theater and ballet was through her mother, who introduced Keira and her older brother, Caleb, to these art forms.


Keira Knightley attended Teddington School, where she was diagnosed with dyslexia at six. Despite this challenge, she overcame her reading difficulties by age eleven with her parents’ support. Knightley was single-mindedly determined to pursue acting, and at the age of six, she even requested her parents to help her find an agent. As a result, she landed her first acting roles in local amateur productions and television dramas, some of which her mother and drama teacher had written.

Eventually, Keira began studying her A-Levels at Esher College. However, she decided to leave after a year to devote her full attention to her acting career. Although her mother’s friends encouraged her to attend drama school, Knightley chose not to for financial and professional reasons.


Keira Knightley’s Husband and Family

Keira Knightley and James Righton

Keira Knightley is married to James Righton, a British musician and composer. They tied the knot in 2013, and their relationship remains strong as they continue to support each other’s careers.

James Righton started his career as a music teacher before forming the London-based band Klaxons in the early 2000s. The band signed a record label in 2006 and produced three studio albums before disbanding in 2014. Righton continues working in the music industry today and enjoys living happily alongside Knightley in London.


Keira Knightley’s Career

Keira Knightley in "Begin Again"

Keira Knightley is a distinguished English actress with a remarkable career that spans over two decades. Knightley’s most notable early project includes a minor role in the 1999 blockbuster “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.” However, her portrayal of a tomboy footballer in the 2002 sports film “Bend It Like Beckham” put her firmly on the map.

Knightley’s career skyrocketed with her role as Elizabeth Swann in the top-rated fantasy series “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” in 2003. The franchise was well-received by audiences and critics alike and catapulted Knightley to international stardom.

The actress continued to grace the screen in films of various genres. In 2003, she starred in the romantic comedy “Love Actually,” which further solidified her status as a promising Hollywood talent. Knightley then portrayed Elizabeth Bennet in the 2005 period romance “Pride & Prejudice,” earning her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Knightley also appeared in several other period films, such as “Atonement” (2007), “The Duchess” (2008), and “Anna Karenina” (2012). She ventured into contemporary dramas and played an aspiring musician in “Begin Again” (2013) before transitioning back to her historical film roots by playing Joan Clarke in “The Imitation Game” (2014), which earned her another Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Knightley has dabbled in television roles throughout her career, including an adaptation of “Oliver Twist” in 1999 and a miniseries adaptation of “Doctor Zhivago” in 2002. She has also graced the stage in two West End productions: “The Misanthrope” in 2009, which earned her a Laurence Olivier Award nomination, and “The Children’s Hour” in 2011. Knightley then starred as the titular character in the 2015 Broadway adaptation of “Thérèse Raquin.”


Keira Knightley’s Controversy

Keira Knightley faced criticism during the COVID-19 lockdown

Keira Knightley faced criticism from her fans after sharing how she dressed in Chanel and wore red lipstick daily during the lockdown. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, she discussed how she and her family, including her husband James Righton and their six-year-old daughter Edie, played dress-up to maintain their spirits during the pandemic.

The family implemented a high-fashion dress code on their trampoline, with Knightley donning Chanel outfits and her daughter accessorizing with Chanel ribbons and fairy wings. Her husband participated by wearing his Gucci suits. Knightley sought to create a joyful environment for her children despite the frightening and uncertain circumstances brought on by the pandemic.

However, Knightley received mixed reactions on social media. Critics accused her of being out of touch, with some sarcastically commending her “bravery” for dressing up in designer clothes during lockdown. Others took a more lighthearted approach, joking about their attire, such as sweatpants from Target.

During the interview, Knightley also shared her belief that makeup serves as her “armor,” although her husband and daughter do not recognize her as herself when wearing it. She views makeup as a “fierce” character separate from her identity.

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