Bunny Barbie TikTok Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Age & Personal Info

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Bunny Barbie is a TikTok star, Social media personality, model, and a beautiful Instagram influencer. She started her career in the United States of America. Her content is all about making lifestyle and fashion videos about her beautiful and exciting life that we can all see on her social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.

She started her TikTok career during the pandemic in 2020. Before that, she had already placed her career in line through his Instagram as a lifestyle and fashion influencer. She uses her social media platforms to entertain them in well-mannered and well-created videos as a beautiful influencer. During the peak of her TikTok career, she started her own Youtube channel named “The Bunny Barbie” last August 2020. As a famous, beautiful, and rich social media personality, Bunny Barbie currently has 1.9 million followers on her TikTok account and 163.2 million likes. When it comes to her other social media accounts, Bunny Barbie currently has 146 thousand followers on her Instagram account and 48.1 thousand subscribers on her Youtube channel.

Bunny Barbie was raised and born in the United States. Her birthday was on November 15, 1991, and she is turning 31 this year. Her birth place is in Albany, New York. She is an American, her ethnicity is Caucasian, and her religion is Christian. (1) Additionally, Bunny Barbie is very private regarding her personal information. Bunny Barbie is very thin but a slim one. She is a tall woman as well. She is beautiful with her blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Bunny Barbie's Net Worth

Bunny Barbie uses her social media platform to create and receive brand deals, collaborations, and advertisements as a social media personality. When we talk about her net worth, her established social media platforms gave her a net worth of approximately 2.1 million dollars. (2)

Her wealth came from her hard work in content creating, posting videos on TikTok, collaborating on Youtube and Instagram, and different advertisements.

Bunny Barbie's Early Life

Bunny Barbie was raised and born in Albany, New York. She is turning 31 this November 15, 1991. She is from the United States of America. In contexts of religion and ethnicity, she belongs to the Caucasian ethnic community and is also a Christian. She doesn’t disclose any information about her family members as she is a private kind of person.

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Bunny Barbie's Education

Bunny Barbie is very private, especially regarding her personal information. In some news, Bunny Barbie finished her high school in a private school but did not disclose any information about where and when she studied. Similarly, she doesn’t have any information if she had entered college or not.

Bunny Barbie's Husband and Family Life

Bunny Barbie’s fans became very curious if their idol is single, in a relationship or married. But Bunny Barbie shows that she is already married and has one son. She is a wife and a son of one named Aden. (3) When it comes to the information of her own family, Bunny Barbie doesn’t disclose any names, birthday or even their age. In the brighter side, Bunny Barbie willingly includes her husband and her son on her TikTok videos and other content.

Bunny Barbie's Career

Bunny Barbie’s career reaches its peak during the pandemic. With the help of her TikTok account with 1.9 million followers and 163.1 million likes, she didn’t know that she’ll be this famous. With her Instagram account with 146 thousand followers (4) and 48.1 thousand subscribers on her Youtube channel, these numbers boost her passion for content creation.

On the other hand, her content is about creating a lifestyle and fashion content. Also, on her TikTok accounts, she makes videos with a custom facemask that catches up with the interests of her followers. Bunny Barbie also creates lip-synchs video that keeps her followers entertained. As per her details, she started her TikTok account during the pandemic and then decided to develop her Youtube account the same year.

With her Youtube channel, her contents are all about videos with make-up tutorials, beauty vlogs, fashion vlogs, and a little travel. Her views averages typically more than a hundred thousand views.

Before entering the internet world, Bunny Barbie tried different work to earn enough money. Today, she has already established her place on all trending social media platforms that have her the wealth she truly deserves.

Quick and Fun Facts about Bunny Barbie

Bunny Barbie TikTok’s net worth is approximately 2.1 million dollars.

Her birthday was on November 15, 1991, and she will be turning 31 this year (2022)

Her birth place is in Albany, New York.

She is an American, Christian (her religion), and Caucasian (her ethnicity).

She is a beautiful, slim, and tall woman.

Her birthday was on November 15, 1991.
Currently 30 years old.

Her hair is long and her hair color is blonde, and her eye color is dark brown.

Her TikTok account is @thebunnybarbie.

Her Instagram account is @thebunnybarbie, with 1.9 million followers and 163.1 million likes.

Her Youtube account is The Bunny Barbie and has 48.1 subscribers.

She was raised and born in Albany, New York.

Her content is all about lifestyle, fashion, and lip-synching videos.

She is already married and has one son named Aden.

She is a TikTok star and is considered a Youtube star already.

She is making lifestyle content.

Her social media debut was last 2020

Her height and weight remain unknown.

Her first video garners more than 1 million views.

Her educational journey remains unknown.

She doesn’t disclose her real name yet.

Her physical appearance played a massive role in his social media career.

Bunny Barbie's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorDark Brown
Body TypeSkinny
Sexual OrientationStraight

Facts About Bunny Barbie

Estimate Net Worth$2.1 million
Zodiac SignScorpio
BirthplaceAlbany, New York
BirthdayNovember 15, 1991


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