Iggy Azalea Called Out CEO Lucian Grange

Iggy Azalea On Doing Something About Artists’ Mental Health

We all know that mental health is as important as physical health and here’s Iggy Azalea’s suggestion to address it.

Iggy Azalea welcomed her anxiety on Twitter in regards to artist’s mental health. She composed a tweet saying, “I REALLY WISH record labels would all agree to make it mandatory to hire at least ONE psychologist per label.”

“Almost EVERY artist in recent times has expressed struggling with the level of hate & pressure. Sports teams do it for their athletes, why not music labels?”

She also added, “Also yes it may seem like “But there’s so many labels!” There’s actually only about 4 guys running the entire music business so it would be pretty easy to hold them accountable and make them implement a change across their businesses.”

The singer name-dropped the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group Lucian Grainge saying he is at the top of the list including Rob Stringer, but both are not doing anything.

She clarified that it’s not difficult to really do it. “Between these two guys that’s literally like 85% coverage across the labels. See what I’m saying? It’s not hard to actually do this. Why won’t they do it? But have like 20 deep teams of A&Rs that literally no one even wants in the studio.”

According to E! News, a representative for Rob declined to comment, while still can’t seem to get a reaction from Lucian’s camp.

Reactions to Iggy Azalea's Tweet in Regards to Artists' Mental Health

People both showed their agreement and disagreement about the Australian rapper’s proposal on addressing artist’s mental health.

Wait couldn’t the artist just see a psychologist or psychiatrist themselves? I mean I use Dr. on Demand and it’s so easy all I have to do is FaceTime him! Couldn’t the label just give them a discount or budget for it?

This twitter user here even used Eminem as a prime example of artists who doesn’t engage with their hate.

Great idea!!! I’m trying to think of artists that don’t engage with their hate. I think Eminem is a prime example of an artist that doesn’t use Twitter personally or IG, so he doesn’t ‘see’ the hate, he gets hate but he doesn’t see it, doesn’t care about it I guess.

A verified user agreed with the artist’s proposal by saying professional help should be a part of the label.

i agree. mental health professionals should be apart of the label. for the artists and the employees. it should be a normal thing for all labels to have that in their benefits. this music industry is way too brutal to not have mental health support.

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