Blair Calls Afghanistan’s Withdrawal an ‘imbecilic political slogan’


Blair Calls Afghanistan’s Withdrawal an ‘imbecilic political slogan’

US President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan eventually turned into an international affair as other officials expressed their concerns.

In a long essay published on Saturday, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair criticized Joe Biden for his Afghanistan exit by saying it “was driven not by grand strategy but by politics” and an ‘imbecilic political slogan’ of ending America’s “forever wars.” Blair emphasized, “We didn’t need to do it. We chose to do it.”

Apart from calling Biden’s Afghanistan exit “imbecilic,” Blair said that this issue leads to “every jihadist group around the world cheering.”

Having deployed British forces to Afghanistan 20 years ago, Tony Blair felt the need to save millions of Afghan lives. “We must evacuate and give sanctuary to those to whom we have responsibility – those Afghans who helped us, stood by us, and have a right to demand we stand by them,” Blair also wrote in the essay.

“We have a moral obligation to keep at it until all those who need to be are evacuated. And we should do so not grudgingly but out of a deep sense of humanity and responsibility.”

To rescue Afghans and Americans, Blair pointed out: “We need to draw up a list of incentives, sanctions, and actions we can take, including to protect the civilian population so the Taliban understand their actions will have consequences.”

“This is urgent. The disarray of the past weeks needs to be replaced by something resembling coherence, and with a plan that is credible and realistic,” Blair also mentioned.

Can Tony Blair’s essay wake Biden up to the disaster he has wrought on Afghans and even his own citizens?

Reactions to Blair Calling Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal 'Imbecilic'

A unanimous reaction emerges from Twitter users: Blair was right.

Well British PM Blair is absolutely correct.

Blair is completely right Biden gave Afghanistan once again to Talibans. #SanctionPakistan

No argument here.

Just say Joe Biden colossal failure of a withdrawal

He's right you know (in my best British accentGrinning face with smiling eyes)

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