What Happened to Hondo on SWAT Last Season? (Season 5)

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Hondo is no Longer a Squad Leader

The fifth season of SWAT begins with Hondo leaving town at random. He gets into difficulty in Los Angeles after telling the media about the police department’s prejudice. The squad demotes him after going public to reveal racial corruption within the LAPD. He is in a situation to reconsider his professional identity.

Hondo’s supervisors truly want him to either quit or face the consequences of quitting later. Rather than dealing with the matter, Hondo travels to Mexico to visit a friend’s ranch.

However, while in Mexico, the SWAT character comes upon a white man who was threatening the farmhands of a woman. Delfina Reyes was identified as the woman who inherits the celebrity after her father died in the fields one day. 

While Novak and his gang are threatening Reyes’ farmhands, Hondo intervenes and convinces them to back off. Police threats him for making trouble in the neighborhood. Despite the fact that he isn’t at fault, Hondo informs the cops that he is just trying to stay out of trouble.

Hondo, unfortunately, does not remain out of trouble for long. He goes on to learn more about Novak and his father’s desire for Reyes’ farm. Novak even offers Reyes money to help him buy the property. But she repeatedly refuses his offer.

While assisting Reyes into town, Hondo and Reyes meet across Novak and his group, this time with Gabriel, Reyes’ ex-fiance. Needless to say, there are exchanging threats. The audience is wondering about Novak’s unknown father at the end of the episode.

SWAT Season 5 Brief Recap

Episode 1: Vagabundo

Hondo goes to a peaceful hamlet in Mexico to reassess his life and career future. Following his decision to speak out in the press, only to be reluctantly  drawn into one local family’s battle for justice.

Episode 2: Madrugada

Hondo links up with a local cop for a difficult rescue mission in Mexico. He finds himself with a target on his back. Hicks considers disbanding the squad permanently in Los Angeles.

Episode 3: 27 David

A Los Angeles SWAT lieutenant must choose between his career and his community.

Episode 4: Sentinel

The squad works to capture a gang of armed robbers and bystanders using a public safety app that fosters vigilantism to complicate the search. Street receives terrible news that will change his life.

Episode 5: West Coast Offense

The team responds to a home invasion call. They uncover a homicidal plan targeting a well-known pro football quarterback. Hicks receives a long-awaited lead on a Jane Doe case he is working on for 20 years.

Episode 6: Crisis Actor

The crew races to prevent a hostage crisis from escalating on live television. When attackers storm the set of a controversial cable news show that promotes conspiracy theories, Chris (Lina Esco) helps Street as he prepares for his mother’s funeral.

Episode 7: Keep the Faith

When Hondo takes over as team leader, the group is quickly faces into a difficult case involving a large cash stash and the Russian mob. Daniel Sr. (Obba Babatunde) also tells Hondo about a difficult time in his life.

Episode 8: Safe House

When an undocumented lady is kidnapped, the squad must forge an unexpected alliance to bring her back alive.

Episode 9: Survive

When Deacon enlists Chris’ assistance on off-duty private security detail, a drug cartel seeking to capture their wealthy VIP client. attacks them.

Episode 10: Three Guns

The crew needs to track down stolen rocket launchers that are transported into Los Angeles.

Episode 11: Old School Cool

Before the released intelligence has catastrophic implications, Hondo and the team hurry to find the hacker who accesses LAPD’s computers and reveals the identities of undercover agents.

Episode 12: Provenance

When the Task Force discovers that one of their own has ties to the Conglomerate, an organization of former government assassins, the investigation becomes tricky. Red (Kareem J. Grimes) investigates the circumstances surrounding Liz’s death.

Episode 13: Short Fuse

Nichelle undergoes a life-changing event that changes her relationship with Hondo. A terminally sick inmate escapes from a hospital desperate to settle past scores before he dies.

Episode 14: Albatross

A significant figure confronts Tan (David Lim)from his history as the crew breaks a bunch of violent robbery suspects. Luca (Kenny Johnson) temporarily replaces Hicks.

Episode 15: Donor

The SWAT team tries to find a heartbroken father whose son is denied a kidney donation while a gunman targets hospital personnel. Hondo looks for proof behind an alarming surge in Los Angeles stash homes.

Episode 16: The Fugitive

When bodycam evidence appears to show Hondo shooting two police officers and is at a local television station, he flees while the squad fights to clear his name.

Episode 17: Cry Foul

When a series of deadly explosions rock Los Angeles’ oil derricks, the team must track down an activist-turned-terrorist. Deacon (Jay Harrington) and his wife struggle to liberate a drug dealer.

Episode 18: Family

When Hicks witnesses his longtime friend’s assassination, the team hurries to discover the shooter and figure out why he was targeted. Luca struggles to aid his brother.

Episode 19: Incoming

When a plane carrying Street and the dangerous prisoner he’s transporting is hijacked, the team races to save the innocent passengers on board – including one of their own; Hondo takes a significant step forward in his relationship with Nichelle.

Episode 20: Quandary

A Los Angeles SWAT lieutenant must choose between his career and his community.

Episode 21: Zodiac

When a home invasion turns tragic, the team must race to find rare antique items before any more lives are lost; Leroy enlists Hondo’s assistance after close friend overdoses.

Episode 22: Farewell

When a university chemistry lab is taken over, the crew must work quickly to prevent a terrible terror attack.

Hondo: His Life and Career

Hondo joins the US Marine Corps after graduating from high school. He served with the 1st Battalion, 9th Marines out of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton for four years, from 1994 to 1998, and deployed to Somalia.

Hondo joins the Los Angeles Police Department after leaving the Marines. Hondo started as a patrol officer in the 77th Street Area of the LAPD and worked as a patrol officer for six years before joining SWAT. Sergeant Buck Spivey’s (Louis Ferreira) SWAT Team promoted him to Senior Lead Officer in 2016.

He knows everyone in the area and treats everyone with respect. They usually provide information about his cases when he asks for it.

Buck was sacked for inadvertently shooting an unarmed black teenager during a shootout over senior team member Sergeant Deacon Kay (Jay Harrington) in an apparent attempt to calm tensions between the community and the LAPD. Hondo was abruptly promoted to Team Leader in 2017.


Hondo begins a covert love involvement with Captain Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman), which is frowned upon but not strictly prohibited by LAPD policy. Nonetheless, after his elevation to Team Leader, the two struggles to keep their relationship hidden.

He ends their relationship to protect her career after they are caught by Commissioner Michael Plank (Peter Facinelli). He later begins dating Nia Wells (Nikiva Dionne), a recently divorced Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney.

SWAT Quick Facts

  • an American police procedural action-drama TV Show
  • based on Robert Hamner’s television series of the same name from 1975
  • Rick Husky is the developer
  • Aaron Rahsaan Thomas and Shawn Ryan are the developers of the new series
  • debut on CBS on November 2, 2017
  • under the production of Original Films, CBS Studios and Sony Pictures Television
  • exists in the same universe as The Shield, an FX crime drama
  • follows the Los Angeles Police Department’s elite Special Weapons and Tactics Unit

Plot Summary

SWAT is based on the same-named 1975 television series, which featured the activities of a SWAT team in an undisclosed Californian city. SWAT is not afraid to tackle difficult subjects; the TV show has been praised for how it handles situations involving conflicts between police and the African-American community, with the show’s primary character serving as a link between the two.

Sergeant Hondo, a Los Angeles native, and former Marine is the protagonist of the series. Hondo is divided between his responsibility to his fellow officers and his loyalty to the streets. He leads a well-trained task team that has taken on the city’s most violent criminal gangs. Because he is both black and born and bred in Los Angeles, he is assigned the task of leading a special weapon and tactical team and serves as a liaison between the force and the community.

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