“Fruit-By-The-foot”: Alpaca Savours Apple Peelings in Viral Video

Fruit-By-The-foot Alpaca Savours Apple Peelings in Viral Video

A cuteness overload video of an alpaca and its little owner won the hearts of most citizens on the internet.

Pretty sure no one will continue scrolling down without a smile on their face after watching the video.

The video was twitted by Buitengebied with a caption, “Peeling an apple”, on Wednesday. It shows in the clip of a young girl using an apple peeler to peel an apple, beside her is a looking fluffy alpaca who quietly eats the peels.

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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
It gives a feeling of joy to get an opportunity to view a video showing pets being allowed to do an unusual activity with their owner, especially when the owner is a youngster.

The video that won the heart of people already reached 4 million views on Twitter and has more than 177.7 thousand likes. Most users share the same take regarding the video they enjoyed watching.

“Zero-waste lifestyle! I like it,” a user replied, while the other stated, “Fruit-by-the-foot.” Another user wrote, “Pretty sure this clip helped my blood pressure drop 1000 points.”

The video triggered a core memory to suddenly show up, hence some users remember the moments they use to eat the same way as the alpaca. “I used to eat those Fruit by the Foot like that. No hands necessary,” a user wrote.

“As a kid, I use to eat the apple peelings when my Mom used her apple peeler…and so did my siblings!” another user replied to the tweet.

The majority of the users couldn’t help replying about the cuteness the youngster and the alpaca shared in just a short clip. It is evident that it did brightens their mood.

Reactions to "Fruit-By-The-foot": Alpaca Savours Apple Peelings in Viral Video

Your timeline cleanse for a hump day - I hope you have a good one.


Wow! I didn't know those peelers come with a Llama!


Peeling an apple…as one does…


me: the world is a cruel and unjustice place me: omg an alpaca


idk who needs to hear this but when you peel an apple, the peel is the better part


Re-retweeting this as it makes me very happy 😊


Fruppin size of that rabbit.


organic fruit by the foot


I found my next pet 🤍


it’s like he’s eating a Fruit By The Foot lol


This Twitter account keeps on giving.


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