R. Kelly Will Face 30 Years In Prison For Federal Racketeering And Sex Trafficking Offenses

R. Kelly Was Given A 30-Year Prison Term

Now that the term has been served, will he file an appeal?

After being found guilty of all counts in his sex trafficking trial and prosecutors suggesting he should serve a minimum 25 years in Jail, R. Kelly is now receiving a 30-year jail term for federal racketeering and sex trafficking crimes.
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

As reported by TMZ, Judge Ann M. Donnelly delivered the verdict as the R&B artist was present in the federal courtroom in Brooklyn on Wednesday. She said that the evidence demonstrated Kelly’s “indifference to human suffering” and “sheer brutality” against his victims.

“This case is not about sex. It’s about violence and cruelty and control,” Donnelly said to the artist. “You left in your wake a trail of broken lives.”

Kelly, however, continued to deny the allegations of sexual assault, and his attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, issued a statement in which she said that although her client was “devastated” by the sentence, he would appeal and that “thirty years in prison is like a life sentence for him.”

As we previously reported, a Brooklyn jury found the former singer guilty on all counts in the sexual maltreatment preliminary he was confronting. His charges included six female casualties, including late performer Aaliyah, who marry R. Kelly during the 1990s when she was 15 years of age.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The allegations against him span from at least 1992 to 2017, all of which he denies, involving racketeering, coercion, bribery, temptation, and sex selling, which he claims are not repulsive. He also has spent around two years in government service.

The prosecutors then submitted their recommendation for his sentence back in June, saying that he deserves at least 25 years in prison, adding that there’s more than enough grounds to send him away.

Additionally, the “King of R&B” is going through a state trial in Minnesota as well as another federal case out of Illinois. The news was initially reported by TMZ.

Reactions to R. Kelly Will Face 30 Years In Prison For Federal Racketeering And Sex Trafficking Offenses

R. Kelly, Cosby, Ghislaine Maxwell, Amber Heard. All abusers. All held accountable this month. Love to see it.


What's key to remember in the R Kelly sentencing is that this is a TRAFFICKING case. He had an entire system for moving minors across state lines. And if he was outside with $10 and people willing to help he'd do the shit again. An ACTUAL menace.


I still don't get how R Kelly marrying Aaliyah basically got overlooked during that time.. like that should have already been the end of his career at that point


Why did R. Kelly just get sentenced to 30 years in prison which is 10 years more than Ghislaine Maxwell who ran an entire enterprise for pedophiles? 🤔


I be wanting the “free R Kelly” people to go to jail too 🫠


Y’all deadass wrong for saying free R Kelly after watching that documentary


R kelly 30 The boondocks was crazy during R kelly trial Introduce R kelly to older women 🤣


To say free R.Kelly even as a joke is very stupid. This man was raping women and molesting kids. Idgaf how good you think his music is, don’t be a weirdo.


How many ppl am I gonna block and unfriend today? R Kelly sentenced to 30 years. Good!


R Kelly when he gets out of prison in 30 years


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