How Did Brooke Boney Lose Weight? Diet & Less Alcohol

Brooke Boney prioritized her overall health more in 2021.

Australian journalist and television presenter Brooke Boney has undergone a series of transformations in recent years. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic for over two years, she continues prioritizing her health and wellness.

The Today show entertainment reporter and ambassador of CeraVe Australia initially felt the impact of the lockdown. However, she eventually realized that her physical and emotional health had been out of balance. That’s when she decided to step up and make a change.

In a report via MamaMia, Brooke stated that she became healthier after making minor changes to her demanding daily activity and shifted into a balanced diet in 2021. She shared the small changes that helped her improve her overall health.

Brooke Boney's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Brooke’s successful weight loss:

  • She became healthier after shifting into a healthy, balanced diet in 2021
  • She started eating healthy meals and cut down alcohol
  • She prioritized her sleep
  • She moves her body every day even without going to the gym

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Brooke Boney began eating healthy meals and cut down on alcohol.

The former Triple J newsreader became more conscious of her eating habits. She mentioned that making simple changes and eating a more balanced diet helped her acquire a clearer perspective and feel more energized.

“The year before, I was eating terribly, and I wasn’t looking after myself properly, and I actually put on a lot of weight,” said Brooke.


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Brooke’s approach to eating healthy is relatively straightforward. She claimed that there was no “secret” or “key” to feeling more comfortable in own self. She just began fueling her body with more nutritious foods and chose to cut back on booze.

“I just started eating really healthy and just getting into heaps of veggies and not drinking as much,” the TV presenter noted. “I think the most important thing is that you should eat well so that you feel good and have enough energy to do all the jobs you need to do, and have enough energy to see your friends and family.”

In addition to healthy food, Brooke Boney prioritized her sleep.

Many individuals struggle with making sleep their priority. Rest may have a more significant impact on your daily life than you realize. It can affect everything, including how our brains work and how our skin looks.

Brooke said she now makes sure she gets enough to sleep every night and eats more nutritional foods. This is essential because her profession needs her to get up at 3 a.m. to prepare for the next day.

“I’ve been making sure I get enough sleep every night, and I’ve noticed a big difference in how my skin looks, how alert I am and how quick I can respond to things,” she said.

Brooke Boney moves her body every day - even without going to the gym.

Brooke gets up incredibly early as a breakfast presenter, so she has a good reason to skip exercise and take an afternoon nap instead. However, she claimed that making time for physical activity and mental relaxation helps her stay upbeat. Thus, she takes a walk daily.

“I’m not a big gym girl, but last year I was using a trainer because I was hoping to keep back into shape and feel a bit better. Now that I’m back where I want to be, I just go for walks and make sure I get a bit of fresh air every day,” Brooke shared.

The TV presenter believes that finding something she enjoys and looks forward to rather than something she dreads is the key to motivating herself to move her body every day. She emphasized that she doesn’t think it needs to be a huge deal.

It simply comes down to finding a way to exercise your body each day and be active. Additionally, she thinks it’s essential to constantly remind yourself that you’re doing it for your own benefit. It would help if you didn’t consider it a punishment or something you have to do to lose weight.

Brooke says that making small changes to your daily routine might help you become more active. It can be as simple as taking the stairs more often and drinking less wine when going to work. She pointed out that it’s not about your size or shape; it’s about feeling good in your own skin.

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