The Cause Of “RHOBH” Kim Richards And Brandi Glanville’s Friendship To End

The Cause Of “RHOBH” Kim Richards And Brandi Glanville's Friendship To End

Their friendship broke down for yet another reason, and it's unclear which one is the real cause at this point.

We have all witnessed friendships on the Real Housewives series break down, and Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville are no exception given that we have previously witnessed the two clashing.

Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville

During a RHOBH screening on Wednesday at Kathy Hilton’s house, Kim recently spoke up about the cause of her falling out with her former BFF, which destroyed their years-long friendship.

She explained in an interview with E! News that the social media posts that were made following her breast cancer scare were the cause of their friendship’s breakdown.

“There were some pictures she posted of me after my surgery—it was a tough surgery for me,” she revealed. “They thought I had cancer, and I had something blocking my chest cavity. It was scary for me.”

The “RHOBH” alum also said that a week after the treatment, she and Brandi were taping the popular Bravo show at the home of her sister Kyle Richards when she believed she popped a stitch.

“I was scared and Brandi looks down and checks and I ask, ‘Can you look please? I’m scared.’ And that picture was posted. I’m sure it was by accident but…I felt a little upset. I felt like just take that down,” she continued, noting that despite asking Brandi to take those posts down, it was met with no response.

“Then she called later and I said, ‘I asked you to take that down,’ and she said, ‘It’s nothing, it was a picture.’ So she didn’t find the harm in it.” The two never again spoke to one another after that.

However, Brandi won’t let herself be the bad guy in this story, so she took to Twitter to reply to Kim’s claim, writing, ”I love you @KimRichards11 But your recollection is off.”

“Please show me that picture that you’re talking about because that never happened. In fact well after that moment in time you did my podcast and when we went into Covid I even drove you to the emergency room.#receipts 💗💗💗.”

Brandi has spoken about the cause of their friendship’s breakup before, so this is not a sudden thing. She stated that a heated argument in the hot tub had prevented her and Richards from communicating.

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Sounds like @BrandiGlanville and @KimRichards11 are not cool at all. #RHOBH


😲. Wow. Why am I the only one who’s ever Team Glanville? Sometimes it seems that way.


this is NOT okay. they need to make up right now or its all over for me 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔


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