What Happened in Summer House Season 1?


“Summer House Rules,” the tenth episode of Vanderpump Rules’ fifth season, acted as a cross-over preview for Summer House.

During the two-hour episode’s changeover, Kristen Doute, Katie Maloney, Stassi Schroeder, and Scheana traveled to New York to visit the cast at the summer home. After the Vanderpump Rules cast left New York, the Summer House cast was the main focus of the second half.

In Season 1 of Summer House, single Kyle Cooke outlined several ground rules for the group at the event’s start. One of those regulations prohibited couples from entering the summer cottage. By bringing Everett Weston, her boyfriend at the time, Lindsay Hubbard violated the regulations. Everett got along well with the other members of the group.

This group of friends has been spending the summers in Montauk with various people over the years. Still, this year they have put together the ideal group to share a rental for an unforgettable summer full of drama, wild brunches, thrilling beachfront adventures, rosé parties, charity galas, bonfires, and jaw-dropping hookups.

Cast of Summer House Season 1

  • Kyle Cooke – is a model, entrepreneur, television personality, social media star, and internet sensation. He is well-known for his appearance on various dating shows.
  • Cristina Gibson – is one of the main cast but shifted her career in writing. Currently, she works as a copywriter.
  • Lindsay Hubbard – is a famous American reality television celebrity, social media influencer, model, and public relations specialist.
  • Stephen McGee – is a New York-based actor, American event producer, and planner for luxury brands and socialites.
  • Carl Radke – is a sales manager, television personality, internet sensation, sales manager, and well-organized actor.
  • Jaclyn Shuman – is a goofy girl next door kind who traveled to New York City to work in fashion design but fell into fit modeling.
  • Everett Weston – is a social media personality and American reality television star.
  • Ashley Wirkus – is an American reality celebrity who rose to fame after she became part of the Summer House series.
  • Lauren Wirkus – is a model from California and a famous reality television star.

Episode 1: Summer House

Now that summer has here. It’s time to leave New York City and fly to the Hamptons. They have hired a weekend home, and this year they have the ideal bunch assembled.

Suppose the drama of sharing a home doesn’t get the better of them. Stassi accepts Ashley and Lauren’s invitation to go out, but she has her sights set on Kyle, their roommate.

Longtime friends Everett and Lindsay surprise everyone by getting together, and newcomer Carl tugs at Lauren’s heartstrings.

Episode 2: Codependence Day

A better way to celebrate America’s birthday has rosé all day. This Fourth of July, they fill the home with fireworks as Kyle manages two girls at one party as the sexual tension between Lauren and Carl grows. Everett and Lindsay, the “love birds,” dispel notions of a drama-free summer by demonstrating that they are anything but the perfect couple with their explosive antics.

Episode 3: Flirting with Disaster

Kyle confronts “ideal couple” Everett and Lindsay for ruining his “single” vacation after their dramatic meltdown in the hot tub. Speaking of single, Jaclyn, a recent house guest raises questions about her lack of Southern sensibility. Carl, meantime, is exposed to a deception that jeopardizes his new connection to Lauren.

Episode 4: The Wrath of Wirkus

In the Summer House, it’s Wedding-Gate as Lauren confronts Carl for making a false claim about bringing a date to a wedding. Kyle dips his toe back into the old pool despite everyone’s cautions. At a luxurious Hamptons party, Lindsay and Cristina’s roommate conflict escalates into open name-calling and accusations.

Episode 5: Wine, Whining, and Wieners

When the housemates visit a winery, there is more “whine” than wine. There’s a chance that someone will be ejected from the Summer House as the tension between Lindsay and Cristina grows increasingly intense. Meanwhile, at a beach bonfire with hot dogs and innuendo, Carl loses interest in Lauren but warms up to Jaclyn.

Episode 6: Model Behavior

After blowing out the candles for Kyle’s surprise birthday party, the roommates get into a heated argument that severely disrupts everyone’s good time and puts Lindsay and Everett in danger of breaking up. In the meantime, Cristina spills some juicy rumors about Jaclyn not being Lauren’s model pal at Model Volleyball. Finally, the Wirkus parents meet the infamous Carl.

Episode 7: Hoedown Showdown

Much to Lauren’s dismay, Carl brings two unwanted girls to Lindsay’s 30th birthday bash, and trouble is building. Stephen reveals a secret that might cause the “on and off” couple to permanently flip the switch off while Everett and Lindsay are on the outs.

Episode 8: Sprained Relationships

The pressure is on Lindsay and Everett to succeed or fail due to a terrible secret hanging over their union. To organize a race for charity, the roommates must work together, but not everyone will come out unscathed. And when Lauren and Jaclyn launch their assault, Cristina’s meddling comes back to haunt her.

Episode 9: The No Good, Very Bad Rose Day

It’s time for the annual Rosé Party when Kyle meets a fellow blonde babe who may or may not be his intoxicated soul mate. As if there hasn’t been enough rosé this summer, Cristina is pitted against the other housemates as they criticize her meddling methods.

Episode 10: Winter is Coming

As the summer concludes, one last wild weekend is in order, with hopefully few regrets. When Kyle snaps at his ex-girlfriend Amanda over a lip-syncing controversy, a Hamptons White Party devolves into an ugly situation. Carl and Lauren’s romantic pretzel twists one last time as Carl vanishes into the night as Cristina makes a dramatic exit.

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