Jen Shah Claims A Fellow “RHOSLC” Cast Member Used The “N-Word” Against Her Son

Jen Shah Claims A Fellow "RHOSLC" Cast Member Used The “N-Word” Against Her Son

Who among her co-stars from Season 3 could it be?

The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Jen Shah attacked a fellow housewife on social media who she claims called one of her sons a racist insult. She made the decision to withhold the cast member’s name, choosing instead to make more charges or clues.

“Let’s play…Who did that?! #RHOSLC Edition,” Shah wrote on her Instagram story on Monday, giving viewers six hints to try and figure out as part of a segment named “Monday morning tea.”

“Donated to “Ted Cruz for President” campaign 4 times,” her first hint reads, adding the second. “Said there are “different types of black people”… For example, “Black people from Compton are different from Black people from Salt Lake City (Note… my husband is from Compton)”

The third indication reveals how this co-star approached her and compared her to a Disney Princess, “Said “Omg you look just like Moana from the Disney Movie. Your people have the coolest hair; Can I touch it?”

Jen Shah Claims

On her fourth clue, she said that this unnamed TV personality had warned her not to discuss her mental health on the show or mention that she takes medication for depression because it would be used against her.

The fifth and final hint is where she made a much stronger accusation, claiming that the Bravolebrity called her son the “N” word and that this person likes the “big black one best.” Shah also hinted that she had “receipts.”

Even though she didn’t identify this person until the very end of her accusations, her fellow Season 3 cast members only include Whitney Rose, Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, and Meredith Marks, so it might be any of them.

Reactions to Jen Shah Claims A Fellow "RHOSLC" Cast Member Used The “N-Word” Against Her Son

Jen Shah can not go a whole year claiming innocence to a crime she pleads guilty to & expect anyone to believe her. #RHOSLC


@TheRealJenShah is on her way to jail and she’s trying to gain empathy with race baiting BS.. if any of this really did happen then why is she just now addressing it.. she’s a lying thief why would I believe anything a master manipulator has to say #RHOSLC


This woman is a pathological liar, narcissist and fraud. No sane person believes anything she says. #RHOSLC


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