7 Lactogenic Foods for Nursing Moms

Boost your milk supply with 7 breastfeeding-friendly foods. Milk production works on a supply-and-demand basis: the more baby nurses, the more your body produces milk. But what if a mama needs a little boost? Luckily, certain foods can help you make more milk. Lactogenic foods, also known as galactagogues, contain phytoestrogens and other chemical properties […]

The Realm of Motherhood

Close the door behind you, but permit yourself to leave sometimes. I once had a friend tell me, “When I became a mother, it felt like a door closed behind me.” For many new mothers, this probably instantly strikes a chord. Walking through the doorway of motherhood is like entering an entirely new world, one […]

5 Reasons You Should Meditate During Pregnancy

Moms-to-be can really benefit from a little zen. I’m the mother of a toddler in Brooklyn and a small business owner. My pregnancy, back in 2013, wasn’t easy. My husband and I conceived faster than we expected, right after we bought a house in a neighborhood I was apprehensive about, and I was now unable to […]

Can You Sleep on Your Right Side During Pregnancy?

5 pregnancy sleep dos and don’ts. If you’re pregnant and reading this at 3 am, then this article is for you. What, you’re one of the lucky ones sleeping soundly? Well, you may be in for a surprise later in your pregnancy — somewhere during the second trimester, the cycle of “good sleep” often tends […]

How To Boost Your Fertility

5 steps you can take to increase your chance of getting pregnant. Fertility… It’s an aspect of our health that many of us take for granted. Have sex, get pregnant, right? Well, not so fast. Once you are ready to conceive, it’s important to prep your body. That’s because even minor stressors can throw your body off […]

Fertility Talk: IVF and Acupuncture

Going outside of the box and embracing acupuncture just might raise your chances of getting pregnant. Being a planner can be an amazing quality. You know what is going to happen when, and there is no getting around it. Except sometimes life just doesn’t pan out the way you intend. Especially when it comes to […]

Detoxing for Fertility

This diet cleanse might help you conceive. Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of women detox their bodies in preparation for a healthy pregnancy. The transformations that take place can be life-changing – as patients learn how to properly nourish themselves, a renewed sense of vigor and enthusiasm often follows. This incredible skill set will […]

Tracking Your Fertility Could Help You Get Pregnant Faster

4 tips to help you get started on the road to pregnancy. You and your partner have decided to start a family. Before you learn how to have sex to up your chances, you need to listen to the cues that your body is giving you to let you know it is ready to conceive. But […]

Is Stress Hurting Your Fertility?

How stress can keep you from getting pregnant, and what to do about it. That adage about not stressing when you’re trying to get pregnant? There actually may be something to it. The female menstrual cycle is a dynamic process. The sex hormones estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone dramatically impact a woman’s emotional state and her libido. At ovulation, in […]

Which Childbirth Education Class Is Right For You

How to choose the best birthing class to prep for the final exam. Got a baby on the way? You probably have a gazillion questions about the big day – especially if you are a first-time mom. While nothing can recreate the actual experience of bringing a child into this world, childbirth education classes are […]