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Loujain Adada is a Lebanese socialite and model who was born and raised in California. In addition to being a mother of two, Loujain is described by Netflix as “bold and brazen.” She wedded the late Walid Al-Juffali, a Saudi billionaire tycoon, in 2012 and has more than 109k Instagram followers.

Loujain Adada's Appearance (Height, Hair, Eyes & More)

Height X ft X in
X.X m
Weight — pounds
— kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight

Facts About Loujain Adada

Nationality Lebanese
Estimate Net Worth $3.8 million
Zodiac Sign
Birthplace California
Birthday 1989

Loujain Adada's Net Worth

As of 2022, Loujain Adada’s net worth is estimated to be $3.8 million. (1) Her career as a socialite and model are her main source of income. Loujain has more than 109k followers on Instagram. 

Her late husband, who was one of the wealthiest businessmen in Saudi Arabia and was worth more than £4 billion, also contributed to her growing wealth. In addition, Loujain’s net worth is anticipated to increase even more as she soon joins the official cast of Netflix’s Arab reality series “Dubai Bling,” where she will become a reality star.

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Loujain Adada's Early Life

Loujain Adada is 33 years old. Although Loujain’s exact birthdate was kept under wraps, the year of her birth is 1989. She was born in California and  was raised in a comfortable home. She is also proudly Lebanese. (2)

Before her family relocated to Lebanon, the model spent the majority of her youth there. Her parents’ names, if she has siblings, their occupations, or any other details were not made public. As additional details come to light, we’ll update this page. 

Loujain Adada's Education

Loujain Adada started her education in the United States and finished it in Beirut. However, it was not made public what particular institution she attended, what degree she received, or when she graduated. (3)

She decided to keep some personal information private despite disclosing a few minor details. We’ll update this page’s section as soon as we find out more.

Loujain Adada's Husband/Boyfriend and Family Life

In 2012, Loujain Adada wed the late Walid Al-Juffali, a Saudi business magnate, in Venice. On their honeymoon, the couple cruised the Mediterranean. Walid was 35 years older than Loujain at the time of their marriage, when she was 25.

The couple’s marriage also led to a £4 billion divorce battle since Walid’s ex-wife, former supermodel Christina Estrada, demanded a substantial portion of his assets, which comprises of £60 million Knightsbridge church renovation and considerable properties in Dartmouth and Surrey. (4)

According to the Daily Mail’s sources, Loujain was the main cause of the ex-couple’s divorce, which is why Christina acted right away to claim a portion of his wealth. The latter also happened to be Prince Andrew’s former girlfriend.

Loujain and Walid have two daughters. The wealthy tycoon, however, received a cancer diagnosis after she got pregnant with their second child. Walid tragically passed away on July 20, 2016, leaving his family with Loujain behind. (5)

Loujain Adada's Career

Loujain Adada took part in her first magazine commercial shoot at the young age of 14, which kicked off her modeling career and while she was still in school. Loujain was so delighted by the experience that she continued to develop her passion in photography.

She pursued a few courses in fashion design after her graduation. In the interim, Loujain received numerous modeling opportunities for advertisements in the beauty and fashion industries, but not for runways due to her small height.

When she was 21 years old, she received an invitation to host a music-related program on MTV Lebanon. Her career took a change because of that and was later asked to anchor a new TV reality show alongside several other young hosts.

Her desire to pursue this career, however, was short-lived because she decided to put it on hold in order to start a family with her late husband, Walid Al-Juffali, after getting married.

Despite this, she was well-known throughout the Middle East thanks to her brief career in modeling and presenting, which provided her enormous publicity. The experience is particularly meaningful to her because she had aspirations of becoming a TV producer, an actress, or a DJ in the entertainment industry. (6)

Today, it seems like Loujain Adada will come back to enter the entertainment industry after it was announced that she is one of the confirmed cast members of Netflix’s upcoming Arab reality show, “Dubai Bling.” She is set to star alongside Farhana Bodi, DJ Bliss, Zeina Khoury, Ebraheem Al Samadi, Kris Fade, Lojain Omran, and Safa Siddiqui.

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Real Estate

Based on her social media profiles, Loujain Adada has a variety of assets. The details of these, including if she acquired any real estate, are unknown as of this writing. We’ll update this page with new information as soon as we know more.


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