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How Did Ben Affleck Lose Weight?


What Did Ben Affleck Do To Lose Weight

While there is no secret to being a movie star, being fit for the screen is a whole different ball game. Ben Affleck has taken that into consideration and put together a plan to reclaim his physique. He has lost a considerable amount of weight in the process, but he admits it was more than a bit of a stretch to achieve.

He spent 15 weeks working out to bulk up for his role in the film “The Town.” And while he’s certainly not out of shape, the actor has actually shed 45 pounds and is back down to 210 pounds.

He’s made a conscious effort to incorporate healthier habits into his life. For starters, he’s stopped drinking alcohol. He’s also cut out some dairy and carbs.

As well as eating better, he’s started to exercise. Ben’s workout routine involves a combination of bodyweight exercises and weight-heavy workouts.

One of the simplest ways to improve your health is to cut out alcoholic drinks. That’s why he’s stayed away from liquor and sipped on a glass of water, green tea, or boiled water for the first 24 hours of the day.

Ben has also taken his fitness regimen a step further by working with a personal trainer. The actor teamed up with Walter Norton Jr., a former Boston Bruins player who has also worked with the Celtics.

Ben Affleck's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Ben’s successful weight loss:

  • He exercises and follows a healthy diet.
  • His diet is full of protein.
  • He drinks protein shake during breakfast.
  • He stopped drinking alcohol and cut down carbs and dairy.
  • His workout is a combination of bodyweight and weight-heavy exercises.
  • He’s working out with a personal trainer.
  • He does pushups and crunches.

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The Methods Ben Affleck Followed to Lose Weight

Ben used several gimmicks to burn off the pounds he had accrued over the years. Among them were a nifty exercise regimen and a fair amount of discipline. Some of it, like a good night’s sleep, is due to his personal trainer, Norton Jr., who has been lauded as an expert on the subject.


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One thing he had to do was the old-fashioned pushups and crunches. Now, that’s not to say he’s always been a slug – he had his moments in the past – but it’s still good to know he’s a capable and resilient gent.

Aside from his newfound love of fitness, he’s also taken to socializing, which isn’t all bad, but he’s been known to have a bit of an oddball personality. It’s no secret that Ben has been having trouble keeping a lid on his alcohol intake, which is why the big guy is on a diet.

Ben Affleck's Exact Meal and Exercise Plan

If you’re looking for an exercise plan to help you lose weight, look no further than Ben. Affleck is a well-known actor and director, but he also happens to be a huge fitness buff. He has been working out for hours daily, focusing on muscle-building and losing weight.

Ben incorporated bodyweight exercises, functional movements, and machines for his workouts. He worked out six days a week for 16 weeks. During this time, he gained 24 pounds of lean muscle.

His diet was designed to support the hard work he put into his training. It included plenty of protein. But it also focused on carbohydrates. He avoided dairy products, as well as sodium.

Ben’s meal plan consisted of lean meats, eggs, and vegetables. The actor ate six meals daily, including a protein shake at breakfast. He also ate a healthy snack between meals.

For his lunch, Ben ate chicken breast. He followed that with vegetables. He also had oatmeal for breakfast. And then, he had grilled salmon for dinner. At dinner, he ate a salad with a double helping of protein.

For his workouts, he kept his cardio to a minimum. Often, he would do bike sprints or elliptical workouts. His nutritionist, Rehan Jalali, helped him design a diet plan to help him gain lean muscle.

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