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How Did Camilla Cabello Lose Weight?


Camila Cabello Slammed Body Shammers After Gaining Weight

Cuban singer Camila Cabello’s weight gain has been a topic of interest to many fans. Many people have been asking how she managed to gain so much weight so quickly.

Despite her lean frame and slender figure, Camila has gained weight over the years. Her weight turned many kilograms above her ideal body weight. She has acknowledged her body’s flaws and has remained a vocal advocate for body positivity. In a TikTok video, Camila addressed that “fat shaming” is prevalent on the Internet.

When a video featuring an unretouched bikini picture was published online, Camila became the target of body shaming. However, she quickly responded with her own video, acknowledging her body and curves.

The video went viral and was widely viewed. On The Late Show with James Corden, she spoke about her video. Among other things, she said she was not interested in having her photo retouched.

Camila Cabello's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Camila’s successful weight loss:

  • She follows a diet and does exercises.
  • She avoided carbs.
  • She eats small, healthy meals throughout the day.
  • She loves whole foods, like fruits and vegetables.
  • She worked out with trainer Jenna Willis.
  • He routine focus on strength and balance.

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Camila Cabello Embraces Weight Gain

Camila gained weight, and a lot of people took notice. But her fans defended her and her body. While gaining weight, she also made an effort to be positive about her body.

She said she is grateful for her body and cellulite. She even acknowledged her stretch marks. That is a big deal in the world of body acceptance.

She also took the time to mention that she enjoys eating and taking care of her body. Unlike most stars who are obsessed with hiding their deformed physical features, Camila is proud of her curves.

On top of her healthy lifestyle, she also is aware of the negative messages thrown her way online. As a result, she has done her best to be an outspoken advocate for body positivity.

Camila Cabello's Weight Loss Journey

In the past, Camila has gained weight. This is especially true after she was part of a girl group, Fifth Harmony. But she has not given up her weight loss journey. Instead, she has become a vocal advocate for body positivity.

During her time in Fifth Harmony, she began working out with trainer Jenna Willis. She focuses on building strength and balance in her exercise routine. And she doesn’t completely avoid carbohydrates, either.

After the pandemic, she noticed that her weight had increased. That was when she began to become self-conscious about her appearance. Her body was full of crude marks, and her self-esteem was affected.

When she was younger, Camila possessed a fit, slender physique. However, she did not eat a lot of vegetables.

Camila Cabello Diet and Exercise

Camila is well known for her sexy figure and has a number of hit songs. Her first single was number one in the US, and her second was in the top ten in many countries.

Despite her success, she still struggles with body image. In an interview, she revealed she had been struggling with her self-esteem and appearance on social media. However, she has since developed a healthy relationship with her body.

Camila’s fitness journey focuses on strength-building and a healthy lifestyle. The singer and songwriter has been working with trainer Jenna Willis to ensure she gets the proper amount of exercise and eating right.

She says she eats small, healthy meals throughout the day. She likes to eat whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

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