How Did Chris Sullivan Lose Weight?


Chris Sullivan's Weight Loss Journey in "This Is Us"

Chris Sullivan is a popular TV personality that has many fans all over the world. He has had a successful career as an actor and singer, but his weight loss caught people’s attention.

Chris Sullivan has had a very successful career since starting acting at the age of twenty-something. He has made numerous appearances in films and TV series, particularly “This Is Us.”

One of “This Is Us” most prominent characters is Toby Damon, played by Chris. In Season 3, the character suffered from body image issues and participated in a weight loss support group.

He was in a similar position when the show returned for its fifth and final season. Fans of the series have been eager to learn more about Toby’s weight loss, including how he lost weight and how it came about.

While he has not publicly shared details, he did say that he did lose some weight and looks fitter than he used to be. Some weight loss was achieved through exercise and a diet, but some were aided by using a fat suit.

Chris Sullivan's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Chris successful weight loss:

  • He went on a diet and exercise to shed pounds.

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Chris Sullivan Continues to Play the Overweight Character

Chris was battling his weight when he first appeared on “This Is Us.” After losing weight, the actor’s character began to change. Many wondered how he had managed to lose the extra pounds.

Viewers were irate at NBC for not casting an overweight person to play the role. Despite the criticism, Chris has defended his acting role, stating that he has never been overweight.

Nevertheless, his character’s body image is a theme throughout the series. In fact, he is known to wear a prosthetic suit to make him look heavier.

His character has had some health issues in the past, as well. During the first season of the show, Toby suffered a heart attack.

However, he has made some significant progress in the fourth season. This is likely because he has been secretly losing weight.

When the show started, he was a weight loss support group member. He formed a strong bond over calorie-counting lifestyles as the season progressed. The creators changed the character’s motivation several years after the initial show.

Chris Sullivan's Diet and Exercise

The best way to lose weight is by getting the proper amount of exercise. One way to do this is to walk 30 minutes briskly each day. This can burn up to 150 calories, making it a great way to drop a few pounds.

For a long time, Toby had been struggling with his weight. By Season 4, he had shed a substantial amount of weight.

Some fans suspected that the weight loss resulted from his newfound exercise habits, and others were envious of the actor’s physique.

In the show’s first season, Toby suffered a heart attack. As a result, he took part in a weight support group. He also did a few other things to improve his health, including shedding some extra pounds. However, he was still a few notches above his prime.

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