Woman Convicted In Dog Theft Sues Lady Gaga For $500,000 Reward


After being convicted of being an accomplice in the dog kidnapping, it was now her time to sue the singer for the promised reward.

A woman who was convicted of stealing dogs from Lady Gaga is now suing the pop star for the $500,000 reward she offered for the pet’s return. A reward that Gaga promised she’ll pay with “no questions asked” back in 2021 after her dogs Koji and Gustav were stolen.

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If you recall, when Gaga’s two French bulldogs were stolen from her dogwalker Ryan Fischer in February 2021, wherein he was shot in the chest as he risked his life in an attempt to save them, the singer vowed and was quite explicit that she would pay $500k as a reward with “no questions asked.” 

And then, two days after her pets had been kidnapped, the woman, who goes by the name of Jennifer McBride, gave the pop diva her dogs back at the LAPD Olympic Community station.

Subsequently, Jennifer was charged with receiving “stolen property” and participating in the theft as an accessory. She was also implicated in additional occurrences that led to her becoming an accomplice, including the claim that she was allegedly dating the father of one of the attackers of the actress’ dog walker.

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Afterward, she entered a not-guilty plea to one count of receiving stolen property and received a two-year probationary period. And now that Gaga had failed to fulfill her commitment to pay the $500,000 incentive, it was her time to sue the singer. In addition, Jennifer asks the court to triple the damages, bringing the total to $1.5 million, for “making a promise without intent to perform.”

The lawsuit continues by stating that she has endured “compensatory damages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life” due to not getting the $500,000 as promised.

According to a statement provided by Michele Hanisee, a deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County, to TMZ, Jennifer knew the gunmen well and was aware that the dogs were stolen when she returned them in an effort to receive the prize.

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Furthermore, the deputy district attorney notes that Jennifer is still on probation and that if Gaga experiences any form of financial loss, the general public may call on Jennifer to compensate for it.

As of this writing, neither Lady Gaga nor her legal representatives have commented or released a statement regarding the lawsuit filed against her.

It is unknown how Lady Gaga will react to the lawsuit, but it’s likely that she’ll claim that the prize was never meant to go to the person who first took the dogs.

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this is the kind of news that brightens my day lmao

Gaga's so smart that she said: "I know the robbers are so dumb that if I offer a juicy reward, they will return the dogs and as a plus they will be caught". Her mind. 🧠🤯

Someone needs to ask her where she found that audacity, bc she needs to return it.

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