Guilty and Fired_ Juan Dixon Lost His Job and Now Facing a Lawsuit

Guilty And Fired: Juan Dixon Lost His Job And Now Facing A Lawsuit


He is fired from Coppin State after a 9–23 season as an accessory to the crime of sexual assault committed by his past assistant coach.

Juan Dixon is leaving his job as Coppin State’s coach after six years with a record of 51-131 during his time in office. He is also known for his role on “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” His best season was in 2021 when he won the MEAC regular season title.

This comes after a scandal involving one of the team’s assistant coaches made headlines for a few months. Brown started coaching women’s basketball at the University of the District of Columbia for two years before moving to Coppin State in 2017.

Dixon was a star at Maryland from 1998 to 2002. He scored the most points on the team that won the national championship in 2002. He was named the Most Outstanding Player at the Final Four. He then played in the NBA for six years before ending his career overseas. Before taking the job at Coppin State before the 2017-18 season, he was the women’s basketball coach at the University of the District of Columbia.

Ibn Williams, a former Coppin basketball player, sued Dixon’s assistant coach Lucian Brownlee in November 2022, saying that Brownlee catfished him online, then blackmailed the player and published damaging information.

Williams also named Dixon in the complaint because it was said that Dixon, who was the head basketball coach at Coppin State at the time, did nothing when told about the accusations against Brownlee’s assistant coach.

The lawsuit was filed against the school, claiming that Lucian Brownlee, an assistant coach on Dixon’s staff, sexually assaulted and blackmailed a former player by tricking him into sending nude photos of himself. This happened during Dixon’s last season as head coach. The Coppin State athletics staff directory no longer has Brownlee on it. In the lawsuit, Williams says Brownlee threatened him with violence if he didn’t record their sexual encounters.

“We hope that this will lead to a quick discussion and a quick solution that will make everyone happy. We just want Ibn to get what’s coming to him, and we want people to know what went on here.”

Brownlee is said to have shared the very explicit videos after he said he wouldn’t do it anymore. Dixon is named in the lawsuit because, once he knew what Brownlee had done, he did nothing to stop him.

People have also said that the university took Williams’ financial aid to get back at him. Williams says the whole thing started when a girl who liked him romantically contacted him online during his first year of college in 2018. At first, he said that the pictures were private and part of a growing relationship between the two people.

However, the player states things changed when the person behind the account asked for more sexual content and threatened to release the ones they already had if he didn’t keep sending images. He said he kept sending them because he feared what they could do to his basketball career if they got out.

In 2019, when Williams talked to Brownlee, Brownlee told him that he had sent the same person sexual content. The person trying to get money from Williams then asked for a video of him and Brownlee making out. At first, he said no, but he eventually agreed. Williams says he stopped talking to the blackmailer in 2020, which led to the explicit content being shared with basketball staff and faculty and on social media.

Dixon is currently married to Robyn Dixon, and both of them have been on the reality show for seven years, but nothing is certain after this scandal. 

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