Real Housewives of Durban: Net Worth & Personal Information

The Real Housewives of Durban premiered in January 2021 and follows the lives of South African housewives.

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Nonku Williams Net Worth

Nonku Williams is a South African blogger and business visionary. She is married to the late gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane and has a daughter with him. The family resides in Hillcrest, Durban. She was born on August 6, 1979. As of early 2017, her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. She is also a mother of two children, a girl and a boy.

Her estimated net worth is $100,000. She has been active in business and is an entrepreneur with a logistics company. Her net wealth is based on her business and her real estate holdings. Her salary and net worth are not public information, but her business interests and her time on TV have generated a good source of income. As of January 2019, her net value will be about $1 million. Despite her young age, Nonku is already an accomplished businesswoman with an estimated net-worth of $1 million.

Although her academic background is unknown, her family-run business has helped her to build a solid net worth. Her daughter, Nothile, is a shy adolescent who adores her mother, a former gospel musician. Her appearance on the show has earned her fans worldwide and earned her a huge following on social media. It is unclear how she earned her net-worth, but she is clearly one of the richest celebrities in South Africa.

Ayanda Ncwane Net Worth

Ayanda Ncwane’s net worth is believed to be around $500-$2 million. She has been a part of various TV shows, films, and endorsement deals. Ayanda Ncwane’net worth is not known. As of 2013, Ayanda’s net worth is estimated to be over $850,000. She is an accomplished actress and model who has been in several popular TV series.

Ayanda Ncwane’s net worth is estimated at $2 million USD. She has worked as a waitress, model, and businesswoman since she was a teenager. Her late husband was also an actor, and she dated him for eight years before marrying him. However, Ayanda has not confirmed her network. Listed below are some facts about her personal life, career, and net worth.

Ayanda Ncwane has a net worth of more than $100 million. She is the CEO of Ncwane Communications, a company that provides entertainment and media services to the South African television industry. She is a South African actress, model, and philanthropist. OUTsurance is one of her major brands. Ayanda Ncwane has also been the president of Africa Gospel Awards.

Ayanda Ncwane’s net worth is an impressive $2 million. She started as a waitress before her husband died in 2002. She was married to gospel singer S’fiso Ncwane when she was only 18. She also worked in the entertainment industry and wrote a book in honor of her husband, who had many fans. She has a fairly good body measurement for a woman of her height.

Kgomotso Ndungane Net Worth

You probably want to know what Kgomotso Ndungane’s net worth is, but you’re not sure how to go about finding that out. First, you should know that the actress and businesswoman is married to Odwa Ndungane, who is her twin. She’s also got a couple of kids and a successful flower business. She’s also a businesswoman and has a great following on social media, which has made her an even more successful celebrity.

The former RHOD star is estimated to have a net worth of $650000. She’s a very successful businesswoman and has been in a lot of TV shows. She’s also married to Odwa Ndungane, who’s a famous rugby player. But the biggest mystery is how much money she’s earned through her reality show. This is because it’s unknown how much she made in her career as an athlete.

Kgomotso Ndungane’s net worth is unknown. It is unclear exactly how much of her wealth she makes from her various businesses. However, she is a well-known businesswoman. She’s an owner of an event planning company called Lelapa_brand. Her networth has been reported as around $2 million. A recent survey showed that her net worth is at least $5 million.

Sorisha Naidoo Net Worth

Sorisha Naidoo has a net worth of $12 million dollars. The actress is married to Vivian Reddy, who is a well-known South African money manager. They have two children together, Sahil, who is five years old, and Kalina, who is an adult. The couple got together several years ago. The pair had big birthday celebrations, and they met in Japan, where Neil Armstrong was in his search for new ways to make money.

Sorisha Naidoo is a South African entertainer who is known for her role in Scandal. She was born on 24 October 1979, so she should be forty-four years old by 2021. Sorisha has been a part of the cast of Real Housewife of Durban since 2008. She also has several accounts on social networking websites, such as Facebook and Instagram. She is a fan of the South African football team, the Sun, and the Cape Town MLS. She has been an editor on the popular Scandal TV show since 2008, and she has been in several other shows.

Sorisha Naidoo married South Indian Vivian Reddy in 2002. She was the first South African representative at the Boy Scouts Jamboree in Japan. She has two children, Kalina and Sahil. Sorisha Naidoo is currently married to businessman Vivian Reddy, who is a very wealthy man. She is a social media star and has more than 117k followers on Instagram.

Annie Ludick Net Worth

The Real Housewives of Durban star has an estimated net worth of $600 thousand. The couple married on the Cape Winelands estate La Paris in January of this year. Their wedding was intimate, with only family members and close friends invited. In addition to their marriage, the couple has three children. The two met on the show and subsequently married in a secret ceremony. After the ceremony, they took their wedding photographs and shared them on social media, including Instagram.

The couple got married at the La Paris Estate in the Cape Winelands. Their wedding ceremony was intimate, with only close friends invited. The beautiful couple later posted pictures on Instagram to celebrate their special day. The show airs on Showmax every Friday night. According to the couple’s Instagram account, their wedding will be the first of many. This upcoming event will be a celebration of their love. As previously reported, the couple will be moving to South Africa soon.

Kgolo Daguru Mthembu, a creative director at MultiChoice Group, is Annie Ludick’s husband. He is a renowned businessman and a respected television personality. The couple married in a secret ceremony last year, and the ceremony was shared with countless fans. After their marriage, the couple’s relationship was all the talk of town. The couple’s wedding photos were also shared on social media, where they are showing off their new lives as a newlywed couple.