How Did Chrissie Swan Lose Weight?

Chrissie Swan was spotted looking fit while strolling around Melbourne.

Australian television personality and radio presenter Chrissie Swan has undergone a major weight loss transformation over the past few years. Many people were surprised to see her looking slimmer and almost “unrecognizable” after cutting down some pounds.

The COVID-19 lockdown has played a role in the weight loss journey of the Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny co-host. She drastically transformed, citing a healthy diet and regular workout as the secret to why she lost so much weight.

The TV personality was previously spotted strolling in Melbourne while wearing skintight activewear, per Daily Mail. The photos were taken in March 2022, wherein she showcased her slim figure in her fitting outfit – a long-sleeved black skivvy, cropped black leggings, and a pair of white sneakers. 

Chrissie also wears hoop earrings and a pendant necklace and carries her belongings in a yellow backpack. The pictures surfaced online after she openly discussed her impressive weight loss in an interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly in February of this year.

Chrissie Swan began to lose weight amidst the COVID-19 lockdown.

The former Big Brother contestant said that her “enormous” lifestyle changes have helped her improve her life in so many ways. She quit her old, unhealthy habits and decided to go on a more straightforward path: losing weight.

“I’m not going to talk about the size of my a**e. I’m not going to tell you what I eat in a day. Because I’ve read those stories, and they make me feel bad about myself,” Chrissie said during the interview.

The TV personality confirmed that the COVID-19 lockdown prompted her to prioritize her healthy by turning to a new diet plan and doing a regular workout. The pandemic served as a “catalyst” for her weight loss journey. A lot has changed with how she does her usual routine during the quarantine.

“We couldn’t go out to dinner, we couldn’t go to a friend’s house, they couldn’t come to us, we couldn’t go outside five kilometers. All we could do was walk, and so that’s what I did,” she noted.

Did Chrissie Swan quit drinking to continue living a healthier lifestyle?

Chrissie revealed that she began her fitness journey by walking short distances until she got used to doing the routine. Now, she walks 2 hours a day or a 10km walk. She improves her physical health and her mental health through meditation.

In addition, the radio presenter seemed to give up drinking to achieve a healthy lifestyle. She shared an update on her alcohol-free life through her Instagram account in March 2021. She uploaded a photo of her and a friend enjoying their karaoke night.

“Booze-free activity degree of difficulty: 10 = karaoke. UNLOCKED! I can’t quite believe it, but it IS POSSIBLE. Fresh as a daisy this morning, and I still have my voice!” she wrote in the caption.

The TV personality goes for a “delicious and easy” recipe when it comes to her diet meal. After embarking on her weight loss journey, she changed her eating habit, now opting for “clean food.” In one of her Instagram stories earlier this year, she shared a “Chrissie approved” recipe she’s tried.

“At the urging of Jonathan Brown, I made this for lunch, and it was so delicious and so easy,” Chrissie wrote.

The recipe for crunchy chili oil soba noodles with avocado. In addition to eating healthy, she also made sure that she gets enough sleep. Prioritizing her sleep made her “happier, more capable and more productive during the day.”

Chrissie Swan spoke about whether giving up alcohol contributed to her weight loss.

After making headlines about her weight loss transformation, Chrissie has spoken up about the subject. During her guest appearance on the podcast The Weekend Briefing with host Jamila Rizvi, the radio presenter said her “appearance is utterly irrelevant.”

She vowed not to talk about her body despite the speculations on how she managed to lose weight. She slammed the claims that she dropped some pounds because she gave up alcohol. The news came after she mentioned that she was ditching booze in a segment on The Project.

“Every two or three days, there was an article that says ‘Chrissie attributes her body transformation to giving up drinking’,” she asserted. “I never said that, I never ever talked about my body. I won’t be talking about my body. My body is utterly irrelevant.”

Meanwhile, the TV personality admitted that she cringes every time her photos are plastered in magazines and online articles. She finds it “terrifying” when paparazzi follow her to take candid pictures of her. She also once asked a pap why her photos doing groceries were newsworthy.

“I’m terrified of being followed by men. Often I don’t see them until the photographs are published. I’m hyper alert all the time,” Chrissie explained. “I asked one, ‘why is this interesting?’ And he said, ‘Your transformation is inspiring.'”

Chrissie Swan wants nothing but positivity about her weight loss.

The TV personality wanted to become a positive influence on other women. She doesn’t want her weight loss journey to create a negative trigger, so she limits the comment section on her Instagram account that mentions her body transformation.

“People think they’re being kind. I don’t care if you think I look good. I don’t care if you think I look bad. I don’t care what you think,” Chrissie continued.


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She made it clear that she doesn’t want to hear about people being either complimentary or derogatory towards her body. The radio presenter noted that the comments pointing to her appearance and weight loss doesn’t make her “feel good.”

“I just know there are going to be women who are not in the mental place I’m in right now, maybe they’re where I was 10 years ago or 20 years ago or 5 years ago, and reading those comments and seeing those images, are not going to be good for them,” Chrissie added.

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