Amazing Supercell Thunderstorm Seen In Viral Video

Amazing Supercell Thunderstorm Seen in Viral Video_20220630_135219_0001

A supercell thunderstorm is highly organized which differentiates it from other “garden variety” thunderstorms. It has a deep persistent rotating updraft.

A stunning timelapse video, which was tweeted by Jenny Hagan, a storm chaser with the username of @LostInSk, shows a large supercell thunderstorm sweeping over the farmland in southwest Saskatchewan, Canada. The video is going viral for its fascinating sight.

In her tweet, she captions, “Sunset #skstorm are simply put the best. The lightning was flashing off frame unfortunately but man! Last night June 27 near Cantuar #Saskatchewan”

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The timelapse video has accumulated 52.6 thousand views as of now. More people on Twitter were amazed by the shared video and showered Jenny Hagan with praises for capturing a stunning supercell thunderstorm.
Although supercells are uncommon, they are the primary cause of most extreme weather, including tornadoes. It can be seen in the video a seemingly going circle of massive clouds as the rain cascades down the farmland.
People on Twitter shower the post with praises of how great the view was even in the midst of a thunderstorm.

“That is truly great work by you and Mother Nature,” a user wrote, while another user says, “So scary but so beautiful.”

“That cloud is amazing. And a little creepy,” a user commented.

Most of the users’ replies were, “awesome”, “magnificent”, and “wonderful.”

These kinds of videos of natural events frequently go viral and are adored by many. It is indeed fascinating, but also dangerously scary.

Reactions to Amazing Supercell Thunderstorm Seen in Viral Video

Nothing like watching storms unfold over the prairie


I'm stuck in summer weather awe... amazing capture Jenny!


Absolutely gorgeous 💯


Beautiful time lapse. My goodness!


Whoaaa nice Jenny!!!


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