I Am Flesh God: Man Eats Raw Meat Says It Is Much Healthier?

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A video of a man showing his bizarre habit of eating raw meat and drinking his girlfriend’s breast milk and his other… personal secretions.

Boban Simic, @IAMFLESH GOD on TikTok, a 40-year-old Chicago-based bouncer and the ex-martial-arts fighter has regularly posted various kinds of demonstrations of his paleo diet to his followers. A bizarre eating habit to which raw meats is taking more to his liking.

“I like the raw feeling. It’s refreshing when it goes down,” he explained, “You’re eating flesh like an animal is supposed to do, so it’s more sensual, a more sensual experience.”

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The video is gaining attention from the other users as this man showcases his claim healthier diet. It can be seen in the clip how he devours a raw lamb’s head as it was something out of the “fear factor.”

“Christians, turn away — because I’m about to engage in some acts of bestiality,” he declares as he eats the lamb’s tongue, and next to it is the eyeball.

Boban Simic post regularly to share his mammalian sashimi feast with his TikTok followers. However, most of them disagree with him. He also mentioned that he started eating uncooked meat products four years ago to become “more alpha and aggressive.”

He also added that his improvements don’t only limit to his physical and claims that his paleo diet is also an organic mood stabilizer, “When you cook meat, you’re making it toxic,” the raw-foods devotee declared.

“I would get depressed before, but since the raw diet, I’m so much mentally balanced, happier and I’m so much better mentally,” he added.

However, his enjoyment of eating raw meat doesn’t just end there. Simic also mentioned that he started supplementing his meat-ceviche diet with breast milk and even a vaginal discharge from a woman he was “intimate with” after he researched the purported health benefits.

Contrary to all his claims, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research addresses that raw meats may contain Salmonella, E. coli, Yersinia, and other bacteria.

Also, according to Healthline, “Properly cooking meat destroys potentially harmful pathogens,” they also added that it could increase the risk of developing an illness, “On the other hand, pathogens remain in raw meat. Thus, eating raw meat will greatly increase your risk of developing foodborne illness, and you should proceed with caution.”

Still, Boban Simic argued that he used to watch documentaries about Africa, and he thought they eat so much healthier and eat not fully-cooked meat.”

“People eat sushi. I don’t understand how you can eat raw fish and not think it’s OK to eat raw land animals,” Simic said. “Most of the world eats raw like beef tartare. Germans eat raw pork. Koreans eat a lot of raw stuff.“

He also added that he met a Korean taxi driver who claimed had eaten raw rat, “he looked like a healthy, strong guy.”

In spite of his belief regarding eating raw meat and other bizarre “stuff”, people pour comments about their distaste for his habit.

“Bro, I know you said nothing’s nasty, but I think I have to disagree,” a user commented on one of his videos, “Nah bro, this ain’t it,” another commented.

“I live dangerously sometimes, just to feel frisky. But not with my gut,” a user wrote. “He looks very healthy but no thank you,” replied another user.

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I always figured Aquaman would eat raw tuna. I didn’t figure him for chicken. Thank you Twitter.


A warning to everybody to not eat raw chicken


good luck in dealing with salmonella




Wow Jason Momoa really let himself go


Theory of Evolution debunked again.


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