How Did Andrea Bocelli Lose Weight?

People noticed Andrea Bocelli's weight loss during his Livestream performance on YouTube in 2020.

Andrea Bocelli is an Italian operatic tenor and multi-instrumentalist. He rose to fame after winning the 44th Sanremo Music Festival in 1994, where he performed “Il mare calmo della sera.” He was born with congenital glaucoma and went completely blind at the age of 12.

Since 1994, he has recorded 15 solo studio albums of both pop and classical music, three greatest hits albums, and nine complete operas, selling over 75 million records worldwide. He remains one of the famous operatic tenors up to this day.

In fact, his performance during the national COVID-19 lockdowns in Italy on April 12, 2020, made a world record on YouTube. At the time, he performed an Easter Sunday concert from an empty Milan Cathedral. Highly acclaimed organist Emanuele Vianelli accompanied him.

Titled “Music For Hope – Live From Duomo di Milano,” Bocelli’s performance was streamed on YouTube and was available for replay. Approximately 5 million viewers tuned in for the Livestream, and the following day, it garnered more than 38 million views.

But during the Livestream, many noticed that the Italian operatic tenor had lost weight as he appeared to be slimmer than in his previous performances. Because of this, most of his fans were worried that his weight loss might be related to some health issues amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andrea Bocelli's Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Andrea’s successful weight loss:

  • He avoid oily and unhealthy foods
  • He eats a lot of vegetables
  • He only consumes meat two to three times a week
  • He keeps himself hydrated all the time

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What is the reason behind Andrea Bocelli's weight loss?

While Bocelli seemed to shed pounds, his weight loss was not due to any health problems. It remains unknown why the singer looked slim than before that time. Others speculated that he may have undergone weight loss surgery to lose weight.

However, looking back at his previous performances, Bocelli has always been fit and lean. His weight loss is not because of any health problems or surgery. He has never been a bulky-looking musician, and he preserved his body image to go with the classical genre.

The singer hasn’t gained much weight from the start of his career until now. Others suggested that the reason why the singer looked slimmer at the time was because of his clothes. Some wardrobes have been designed to give a lean thin look to the person wearing them.

Andrea Bocelli tested positive for COVID-19 before his performance.

Although the singer isn’t suffering from health problems, his weight loss was likely due to the coronavirus. He revealed that he and his family tested positive. The good thing was that they all recovered after being infected.

Bocelli didn’t post about this because he doesn’t want to hassle his fans, especially since it happened at the heights of lockdown. They all chose decided to tell the media about this after their recovery. Reportedly, they enjoyed living healthy life every day after being diagnosed.

According to his son Matteo Bocelli, his father didn’t suffer much from COVID-19. He recovered quickly and was able to regain his health before the performance. However, Matteo also acknowledged that many people have already suffered because of the virus.


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“Although, he has recovered from covid-19 easily. But, many have hard times and are suffering too much,” Matteo told PA news agency.

Bocelli’s son sang Can You Feel The Love Tonight in the movie “The Lion King.” The song was featured in the Disney Goes Classic album. Matteo had already performed a lot of songs and appeared on several shows with his father.

He revealed that his father gave him advice, which helped him perform better on stage in front of people. At the age of 6, Matteo started singing and learning piano. He attended Lucca Conservatory, located in Italy. Disney inspired him as a child, and he’s honored to work with the company.

What are Andrea Bocelli's diet plan and workout routine?

Bocelli has been very private regarding his personal life, so his precise diet plan and workout routine were unknown. But, in some previous interviews, the singer revealed that he wasn’t fond of eating a lot when he was a kid.

Reportedly, he refused to eat meals during his childhood, and his mother would try to distract him from eating something. They also had a good lady cook back then, and he often ate the sweet dishes or cakes made by her on occasions.

When it comes to his present eating habits, Bocelli revealed that he doesn’t consume a lot of food. He avoids the oily and unhealthy ones. The most common dish he usually enjoys is pasta cooked in olive oil with no sauce or butter.

Moreover, Bocelli eats as many vegetables as he can. He only eats meat two to three times a week, as he reportedly believes that it’s dangerous for his health. Aside from eating healthy, he makes sure that he keeps himself hydrated all the time.

After his successful concerts, the singer was said to be drinking wine to celebrate his success. For his favorite restaurants, he likes eating out, but he wouldn’t prefer an extravagant meal. He often prefers simple dishes, which contributes to his fit physique.

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