Customer Complains About The Restaurant’s Service; Brawl Breaks Out At The River Walk

Customer Complains About The Restaurant Service; Brawl Breaks Out At The River Walk

At San Antonio’s downtown River Walk, a man got into an argument with the staff over his lunch and the bill, sparking the now-viral fight.

Another brawl happened because of dissatisfaction with the staff’s service over food and bill. The video is now circulating on the internet and garnering more attention from the public.
The man allegedly struck the employee when the argument got out of hand. People were hurling punches, chairs, and glasses in a video on Twitter.

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A police officer arrived shortly after to break up the altercation.

According to the San Antonio Police Department, the 30-year-old suspect was furious with the restaurant’s service, including the meal and bill. Before things got physical, the suspect started arguing verbally with the personnel.

Officials said that the guy, who got aggressive with the staff members at a River Walk restaurant after getting his bill, was detained over the weekend. Investigation into this matter is still ongoing.

Even though they were aware of the terrifying fight, most users never waste time sharing their witty remarks. Some individuals mentioned how much they missed the place.

A user wrote, “Lol, should have gone to Olive Garden. I went last week. My waiter is still shredding the cheese,” Another user replied below it with a laughing emoji.

“Maybe this is a way to get DJ back to the spurs?” a user wrote. “Them tourist on the boat got a free boxing fight,” said another user.

Another video from @allofsa shows how a river tour boat in downtown San Antonio stopped to see the brawl break out on the River Walk.

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Look like the royal rumble


Like imagine touring there for the first time & you see this 😂😂😂


the WAY the boat guide stopped and pulled up. 😂😭


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