What Happened in The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 1?

Elyn Cone

The Real Housewives of Cheshire’s inaugural season included six housewives. The Real Housewives of Cheshire features the lives and dramas of a group of strong, determined women, each chosen for their desirable lifestyles, lovable families, and compelling stories. The Housewives love extremes, drink unlimited champagne, live in gorgeous homes, and wear the most fashionable and outrageous outfits, shoes, and jewelry.

Cast of The Real Housewives of Cheshire

  • Dawn Ward – is a TV reality star, businesswoman, and prominent interior designer.
  • Lauren Simon – is an actress, entrepreneur, English reality television star, and social media personality.
  • Leanne Brown – is a reality star, mother, wife, and clothing designer.
  • Magali Gorre – is a famous reality star.
  • Tanya Bardsley – is a reality TV star, businesswoman, and English model.
  • Ampika Pickston – is a reality TV personality.
  • Ashley Ward – is the husband of Dawn Ward, a businessman and former English footballer.
  • Paul Simon – is the husband of Lauren Simon, a businessman and property investor.

Episode 1: Welcome to Cheshire

In the first episode, the housewives get ready to attend Dawn Ward‘s creme de la creme charity ball, one of the biggest nights in the social calendar approaches. It is a whirlwind of cryotherapy treatments, last-minute dress fittings, facials, pedicures, and misunderstandings over tickets. It shows their lavish homes, families, and way of life.

Episode 2: The Ladies' Night

As Dawn Ward’s big charity ball event winds down, Ampika Pickston, Tanya Bardsley, and Leanne Brown join the gym for a high-intensity boxing exercise. Ampika has a small dinner party for the Housewives and has a shocking revelation to make throughout the meal full of turmoil and surprises.

Episode 3: The Girl Who Got It All

Ampika’s discoveries at the dinner party are the topic of conversation. Tanya and Leanne engage in crystal healing therapy while Momager Dawn deals with real-life concerns. Leanne and Magali Gorre may clash at Tanya’s glitzy book launch, setting up another stunning showdown between the two longtime friends.

Episode 4: Dressed for Success

Leanne tells Tanya about Magali’s accusations. Leanne organizes a charity auction for the fashionable ladies of Cheshire, Ampika, and Lauren Simon to visit the neighborhood animal shelter. Dawn and Ashley Ward have a heart-to-heart regarding Ashley’s health concerns. In addition, one of the housewives may be pregnant.

Episode 5: Spa-ing Partners

To set the record straight, Tanya attempts to mediate by setting up a lunch for Leanne and Magali to resolve their differences. There is a significant divide amongst the women as a result of Lauren’s candor. At the opulent Cheshire castle where Tanya and Leanne were married, the ladies check-in for a rejuvenating spa getaway.

Episode 6: Going Quackers

The Housewives are enjoying some outside activities while the vultures circle Peckforton Castle. Paul Simon and Lauren take out quickly for Arizona, leaving Lauren behind and setting tongues wagging. At a dramatic dinner, two enemies unexpectedly become friends, and tensions start to grow between close friends.

Episode 7: Big Night Out

Ampika celebrates the first anniversary of the inauguration of her salon, but not every housewife is invited to the celebration. They go to a private art opening before leaving for a big night out, but when someone’s husband shows up, an unexpected confrontation follows.

Episode 8: Happy Birthday Sweetie

Birthday celebrations are every day in Cheshire, as Leanne hosts one for her oldest child Halle and Lauren gives one for Sweetie the rabbit, the newest member of her family. Dawn has a significant statement to make to her fellow wives as Ampika deals with some upsetting family news.

Episode 9: Lady Luck

Ampika spends time with her ex-husband Mark while Dawn tells the family about her pregnancy and receives surprising responses. Ampika and Dawn continue to argue. On a night out at the casino, there are pre-nuptial agreements, fights, and an altercation between Ampika and Leanne.

Episode 10: Who's Coming to the Dinner?

Dawn throws a lavish dinner party for all the housewives at Warford Hall, but as is customary, things don’t go as planned, and by the end of the evening, not everyone is welcome.

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