How Did Inanna Sarkis Lose Weight? Her Insane Workouts


She can be seen actively engaging in her workout routine and displaying her fantastic physique on social media.

Inanna Sarkis is a famous actress who has also started her YouTube career in addition to her modeling, entrepreneurship, production, writing and directing endeavors.

She would frequently share images of herself participating in photo shoots and modeling, but she would also occasionally post pictures that showed off her stunning figure. You would believe that she was born with such a physique, but you would be mistaken. She, too, suffered with her weight and made the decision to start a weight loss journey.

Inanna Sarkis' Weight Loss Tricks

The main keys to Inanna’s successful weight loss:

  • She follows her own workout routine
  • She does boxing, cardio, some weight training, and HIIT (high-intensity workout training)
  • She makes her exercise program available on her fitness website
  • Her diet tips include portion management, choosing nutritious foods, and eating in moderation

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Weight changes for Inanna Sarkis.

Inanna has previously been open about her weight and stated that she has been unhappy with her physique for a long time. This unhappiness ultimately drove her to take action and begin her weight loss journey.

However, things didn’t start off very well. Despite starting her weight loss journey with a 40-pound loss, she became pregnant and began to regain the weight she had shed.

At the time, she thought the problem was her short attention span, and the regular exercises she used to undertake just weren’t effective for her.

“I get bored VERY easily and realized I need to change it up each day,” she wrote.

She made her own routines utilizing her expertise in boxing, martial arts, yoga, and other activities after realizing that the standard workouts she practiced didn’t work for her. Basically, she had created her own exercise program, which had helped her lose weight more successfully.

Inanna Sarkis created her own workout routine.

Inanna’s workout routine consists of various activities, including boxing, cardio, and some weight training. She created the program herself utilizing her experience in these skills.

She frequently posted on her YouTube channel about her workout routine, including her HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions. Her workout consists primarily of weightlifting and core-strengthening activities.

She also discussed the exercise she did after giving birth to her child in an interview with V Magazine. She disclosed that with the help of her partner, she progressed from short walks and bodyweight workouts to weight lifting and HIIT.


Inanna Sarkis makes available the exercise program she created herself on her fitness website.

With her knowledge of boxing, martial arts, yoga, and other activities, Inanna created a workout routine that she generously shares with us. The actress even made a website where she may discuss or offer the training that has worked for her to those battling weight loss.

A variety of weight loss regimens are available on her website. For individuals who wish to share their success story as a testimonial or have some questions, coaching is also made accessible. She even introduced a brand of athletic gear and a playlist for exercising.

One example of a program she offered on her website is “Revenge Bod,” which requires you to complete 24 different exercises over the course of four weeks in order to train your entire body and build up a sweat.

Another available program is called “HIIT Me Up,” which, as the name suggests, comprises high-intensity interval training that concentrates on the legs and upper body and offers active recovery days as well as days to give your muscles a breather.

The advantages of joining her fitness program include clear directions and easy-to-follow videos that let you work out properly in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, there is a community where you may share your fitness experience in hopes of inspiring others who adhere to the same program.

Aside from workouts, diet is also part of this plan. It was not specified if it included a particular diet for you to adhere to, but it does offer you a list of what to eat and when, as well as grocery lists or lists that will teach you just what foods will keep you full and energized.

What kind of diet does Inanna Sarkis follow?

Inanna Sarkis listed a few tips for the diet, including portion management, choosing nutritious foods, and eating in moderation. She did not, however, go on to say if she adhered to a rigorous diet or whether she was on a particular diet, such as a low-carb or high-protein diet.

It’s also reasonable to infer that she occasionally listens to what her body craves and doesn’t put any restrictions on herself because she can be seen enjoying what appears to be a sweet drink in one of her Instagram posts.

Given her current physique and her workout routine, it is fair to conclude that she maintains a diet and consumes healthy food. Naturally, because exercise aims to lose weight, no fitness plan will be effective if you don’t have discipline in your eating habits.