Actress Denise Dowse Battling Meningitis And Currently In Coma

Actress Denise Dowse Battling Meningitis And Currently In Coma

Prayers would be much appreciated right now as the actress is struggling for her life.

Denise Dowse, who is most recognized for her work on “Insecure” and “Beverly Hills, 90210,” is currently fighting a severe case of meningitis while in a coma. The information was initially posted on social media by her sister.

Denise Dowse

“Hello Family and Friends,” her sister, Tracey Dowse’s post began. “As many of you have seen, my posts have been positive and up lifting. I am trying to keep my spirits up and support those who need it. As many of you know I am a private person. So this is hard for me.”

“I am requesting support and prayers be offered me and my sister, and my only immediate family Denise Dowse. She is currently in the hospital in a coma brought on by a virulent form of meningitis. Her doctors do not know when she will come out of the coma as it was not medically induced.”

“She is a vibrant actor and director that should have many years ahead of her.  Thoughts, prayers and support are greatly appreciated,” the post concluded.

Denise Dowse Coma

Meningitis, according to the Mayo Clinic, is an inflammation of the meninges, the membranes that protect your brain and spinal cord. Headache, fever, and stiff neck are common indicators of meningitis, along with other symptoms including swelling.

Along with Dowse, Anne Heche is another actress who is currently in comatose. Heche suffered severe burn injuries in a single-vehicle collision on Friday in Los Angeles after both her car and the house she crashed into were entirely engulfed in flames.

The actress remains in a coma and is also in a serious state. As of yet, there has been no indication that she is improving.

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