Police Department Tries to Justify Forceful Arrest Of Black Woman In A Viral Video

Police Department Tries to Justify Forceful Arrest Of Black Woman in a Viral Video

The Atlanta Police Department is defending the methods of one of its officers who detained a Black lady forcibly.

There are already many reports of police officers all over the world violently assaulting civilians. This video adds to the list of incidents involving defenseless, innocent individuals being assaulted.

The video shows a male cop identified as “Officer Brooks” slamming the woman to the ground and flashing his Taser while she begs the officer to tell her what she’s being detained for in the video.

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The woman in the video named Angel Guice asked why she was being arrested. However, according to the footage, the officer does not appear to answer the question and becomes aggressive with the woman.

The Atlanta Police Department released a body camera video and a thorough statement to defend the heated incident between an officer and Angel Guice, which was captured on film and extensively circulated on social media.

Moreover, the altercation began when the officer attempted to issue a citation to Guice and an unknown guy while hanging out beyond closing time in Shady Valley Park in northeast Atlanta.
As stated in the report, the officer informed the couple that the penalty was only a ticket and that no charges would be filed against them for the incident.
The officer allegedly advised Guice and the guy that if they did not sign the citation, they would be arrested.
According to the source, Guice requested the officer’s badge number and entire name. The officer refused to give the woman his first name but did give her his badge number.
Guice was handcuffed when she failed to cooperate and sign the citation.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, because Guice did not sign the ticket at first, “the officer may then physically arrest the individual.”

“She began actively resisting his efforts. This resulted in a physical altercation as the officer attempted to place her into custody,” according to the statement.

Reactions to Police Department Tries to Justify Forceful Arrest Of Black Woman in a Viral Video

The police seem to believe they have a different directive other than to protect and to serve and we need to hire new ones and fire these officers today.


WTF? I swear, our nation is going to hell in a handbasket faster than Trump can flush a toilet.


I saw the whole video... Sign the tic and deal with it in court... I've been there with the police b4


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