What Happened In The Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 4? (Full Recap)


The Real Housewives of Potomac season 4 aired on Bravo from May 5, 2019, until September 29, 2019. The reality TV show continues to follow the Potomac housewives, featuring their personal and professional lives. It consisted of a total of 21 episodes.

Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Lorraine Haughton-Lawson, Thomas Kelly, and Andy Cohen served as the program’s executive producers. Fans of the Bravo series praised Season 4, with many considering it to be one of the greatest seasons of Housewives ever.

Cast and Overview of The Real Housewives of Potomac season 4

All six cast members from season 3 returned in the fourth installment. That means the show continues to feature housewives Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Monique Samuels, and Candiace Dillard. Katie Rost, who appeared in season 1, also returned in a recurring capacity.


Gizelle Bryant: “I’m the baddest thing walking and the smartest one talking.”

Ashley Darby: “Karma is a bitch, but luckily, I’m on her good side.”

Robyn Dixon: “The shorter my hair, the shorter my patience.”

Karen Huger: “You can try to tear me down, but the Grand Dame never crumbles.”

Monique Samuels: “I’ve traded in my umbrella. It’s all gold at the end of this rainbow.”

Candiace Dillard: “Now that I’m marrying my prince, this sleeping beauty is woke!”

Episode 1- That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Gizelle uses her kids in an attempt to rekindle her friendship with Karen. After recovering from their miscarriage, Ashley and Michael are once again actively trying to conceive. Robyn deepens her romantic connection with Juan. When Candiace announces she’s inviting her half-brother to her wedding, her mother attacks her verbally, threatening to ruin the celebrations.

Episode 2 - Here Comes the Bride

Candiace worries more about her mother’s unpredictable behavior than she does about her soon-to-be husband. Ashley makes an effort to make amends with Karen and Monique while under the influence of alcohol, but they aren’t willing to listen. An emotional Gizelle battles Monique after taking down one too many shots.

Episode 3 - Hot Mike

After attending counseling to process her breakup, Gizelle moves closer to repairing her friendship with Karen. Juan and Robyn try to keep their financial foundation firmly in place. Ashley continues to be optimistic about having a child with Michael, but Candiace begins to question her motives due to her excessive drinking.

Episode 4 - The Wig Easy

Ashley goes forward with her preparations to have a kid. Robyn and Candiace debate Michael’s remark. To find out more about Gizelle, the women travel to New Orleans. Gizelle and Karen’s conversation becomes tense, and the Grande Dame abruptly leaves the scene.

Episode 5 - The Big Easy Show Down

Gizelle brings the women to a plantation where her family was enslaved. The women go out for a night of fun on New Orleans’ famed Bourbon Street, but the fun is cut short when Candiace challenges Ashley about her plans to have a child.

Episode 6 - Boundaries, Bayous, and Beignets

While unresolved conflicts simmer between Ashley and Candiace, the women conclude their time in the Big Easy with some eye-opening and terrifying encounters. Everyone is shocked as a fury-filled Karen explodes on Gizelle.

Episode 7 - Salty Behavior

Despite enjoying her rainbow pregnancy, Monique faces new difficulties because of her mother-in-law. Gizelle learns from Candiace that Katie was referred to as “a name” by Monique. Ashley and Karen encounter a spiritual experience, but Karen breaks down in front of the guest.

Episode 8 - Sex, Lies and Butter Knives

As a way to remember her pregnancy, Monique had a photo shoot underwater. Karen and Ray dance sensually together. Candace throws a dinner celebration. A furious disagreement between Ashley and Candiace results in a major breakdown.

Episode 9 - Days of Our Knives

All eyes are on Darby’s marriage as Robyn finally makes Michael’s secret remark public. Candace brings her mother to counseling. Ashley performs at Gay Pride, but the happy occasion turns sour when her problems with Robyn reach a breaking point.

Episode 10 - Showdown at the Hoedown

Robyn confronts Gizelle, and Candace and Chris engage in a fierce battle. While all this is going on, Katie arranges a hoedown for the women, but Michael’s situation overshadows the celebration, and one housewife feels vindicated.

Episode 11 - Can I Get a Witness

Gizelle gives Adore her full attention after feeling like an absent mother. Candace and her mother are also attempting to improve their relationship. Ashley visits a therapist to deal with her stress and learns that she is still dealing with previous scars.

Episode 12 - Good Will Haunting

Karen and her daughter Rayvin collaborate with singer Macy Gray to record a tribute for her parents. Robyn organizes a haunted house celebration for Juan’s birthday, where a surprising visitor enters unexpectedly. Michael is cleared of all charges.

Episode 13 - Opening Old Wounds

Monique asks Chris for assistance as her due date draws near but is surprised by his abrupt response. Ashley decides to trace her family history. Katie and her boyfriend, Jacob, circulated an unexpected tidbit about Michael.

Episode 14 - Open House and Closed Doors

Ashley eventually gets in touch with her distant relative, but she is met with an unexpected response that makes her cry. There is still tension between Candiace and her mother. As Gizelle confronts Monique, Robyn’s open house turns for the worst.

Episode 15 - Cayman We Get Along?

The women travel to the Cayman Islands, but things have a rocky beginning when Karen and Gizelle fight in the hotel lobby. While everything is going on, Ashley confronts Katie about the rumors she has been spreading about her husband.

Episode 16 - Trouble in Paradise

The women have a fun-filled day of exploration in the Cayman Islands. Candace and Ashley come to an agreement. Gizelle’s behavior at Robyn’s open house prompts the latter to confront her. Katie chooses to make a statement once her actions become more troubling.

Episode 17 - Unanswered Questions

The women scramble to locate Katie and are surprised to learn her actual location. Gizelle struggles against nature. Karen demonstrates a unique method to the women. When Karen and Ashley have an unexpected argument, the fun abruptly ends.

Episode 18 - Mom's the Word

Juan and Robyn make a significant gesture to strengthen their relationship. Candiace starts to advance financially. With a lavish soirée, Karen finally makes her La Dame perfume debut. Ashley goes to see her doctor after having a pregnancy test.

Episode 19 - Reunion Part 1

Gizelle and Karen argue, and Gizelle spills a surprising secret regarding her love life. Dorothy, Candiace’s mother, sits down on the couch. Ashley and Candiace had a heated exchange. Michael Darby makes an unexpected appearance.

Episode 20 - Reunion Part 2

Candiace and Monique discuss the betrayal of trust that harmed their friendship. The future of Robyn and Juan is in doubt. Monique and Gizelle discuss their continuous conflict. Robyn reveals who Michael wants to “bleep” at L2 that night.

Episode 21 - Reunion Part 3

The husbands take center stage as the couples divulge their intimate details. The women share information on Michael from earlier seasons as the group explores the accusations against him. Ray and Chris Bassett add extra details.

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