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What Happened in Married to Medicine Season 6? (Full Recap)

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In Season 6 of Married to Medicine, all the women from Season 5 returned. Dr. Jackie and Curtis are looking forward to a future together as they look for a new home. Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris, who are preparing to mark their tenth wedding anniversary, things are going pretty well. As she advances spiritually, Dr. Heavenly Kimes is more content than ever.

Cast of Married to Medicine Season 6

  • Toya Bush Harris – an entrepreneur from Michigan, USA, married to Dr. Eugene Harris
  • Dr. Jacqueline Walters – a health expert, philanthropist, women’s advocate, and an OB Gynecologist from Atlanta, USA
  • Quad Webb – an entrepreneur, author, fashion icon, philanthropist, animal rights enthusiast, and a former medical technologist
  • Dr. Simone Whitmore – an OB Gynecologist, creator of a body moisturizing cream from all-natural ingredients
  • Dr. Heavenly Kimes – a dentist, inspirational speaker, author, powerhouse, entrepreneur, and relationship expert
  • Dr. Contessa Metcalfe – a navy flight surgeon, an advocate of criminal justice reform, entrepreneur, and a specialist in medical aesthetics, preventive, occupational, and addiction medicine
  • Mariah Huq – a native of Bangladesh, television host and news producer, creator, and producer of Married to Medicine, married to Dr. Aydin Huq

Episode 1 - Get Your Sexy Back

Married to Medicine S6 - Quad Webb ignores issues on her marriage

The issues in her marriage are widely publicized on blogs and social media, but instead of turning to the women for comfort, Quad Webb ignores them. Contessa Metcalfe struggles with being a stay-at-home mother while Toya Bush Harris attempts to motivate Eugene Harris to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

When Mariah Huq asserts that she has receipts on “Daddy,” tensions between Heavenly Kimes and Mariah rise as Simone Whitmore arranges a leather and lace party to regain her sex.

Episode 2 - I Don't Talk to Dentists

Married to Medicine S6 - Mariah accuses Damon of being unfaithful

After Mariah accuses Damon of being unfaithful, Heavenly learns how to control her emotions by consulting an anger management specialist. Contessa expresses concern to Scott Metcalfe about her father’s deteriorating health and requests a visit from him. 

Isolated from the rest of the group, Quad sits with her talk show besties and complains about her marriage problems. While Toya arranges a surprise party for Eugene, she makes the event about the Contessa, who isn’t there as Simone and Cecil fight to mend their shattered marriage.

Episode 3 - Crabby Ladies

Married to Medicine S6 - Contessa learns her father's condition worsens

Contessa learns her father’s condition is worse than she had anticipated when he visits her. While Mariah has a candid conversation with Lauren about maturing and preparing for high school, Simone must have a difficult conversation with her son Michael about the condition of her marriage.

 Heavenly makes an effort to reintegrate Quad into the group of friends for a crab boil, but tensions amongst the ladies reach a breaking point as friendships and allegiances are called into question.

Episode 4 - Emotional Workout

Married to Medicine S6 - conflict between Mariah and Heavenly reaches boiling point

The long-running conflict between Heavenly and Mariah reaches a boiling point at the crab boil, which causes things to get much hotter. Contessa and her father openly discussed a significant choice that would affect their lives. 

Dr. K encourages Heavenly to delve further into her background in the meantime. Later, Jackie’s scheme to reunite her friends compels them to get up and move, with unexpected outcomes.

Episode 5 - Heavenly Homecoming

While the guys enjoy a much-needed night alone and Greg shares his side of the tale, Quad and Jackie have a heart-to-heart discussion on Jackie’s marital problems. 

Contessa begins the transition to a new life. Heavenly visits her Miami childhood home with Simone and Jackie to look for the source of her rage.

Episode 6 - A Room Without a View

Married to Medicine S6 - Jackie and Simone

Jackie and Simone help Heavenly continue her spiritual journey in Miami. Contessa will undergo her double mastectomy once she is back in Atlanta. Quad seeks solace from old pals in her failing marriage. 

Toya and Eugene are astounded by how their dream home is coming along. To explain the birds and bees, Mariah and Aydin take Lauren to supper.

Episode 7 - Out of Commission

Married to Medicine S6 - Simone and her son Michael

After their trip to Miami, Jackie and Simone happily return to their regular lives. Simone is happy to see her son back from college, but she is less than thrilled that Cecil may be moving back in. Contessa is recovering from her preventative mastectomy when Mariah and Dr. Jarret, two of her close friends, pay her a house call. 

Quad discloses that her life has been flipped upside down while having lunch with her mother and aunt. Jarret invites all the women to her newly built home for a housewarming celebration, and Quad considers telling the women her essential news.

Episode 8 - Pajama Drama

Married to Medicine S6 - Heavenly is back from her trip in Miami

Simone finally gets some positive news to share about Cecil, while Mariah hears horrible words from her husband. Heavenly thinks back on her trip to Miami with her therapist and learns some new things about herself. 

While Quad is quietly getting used to being single, the other women are surprised to learn of her divorce through social media. Jackie hosts a sleepover to bring the women back together and revive Black Girl Magic.

Episode 9 - Black Love

Married to Medicine S6 - Toya and her husband Eugene

Toya and Eugene are considering inviting their international friends to their 10th-anniversary celebration. The couple, who had been on the verge of divorcing, are now married for 17 years. The celebrations are ruined when some of the guests at Mariah’s Black Love party don’t show up.

Episode 10 - Trouble in Paradise

Married to Medicine S6 - getaway to Antiqua

Everyone travels to Antigua for a yearly romantic getaway. Quad breaks down while attempting to deal with her divorce and admits she witnessed Greg the night before with another woman. 

Contessa is recuperating from breast surgery while enjoying the island sun, but a chance encounter with Toya might prevent her from doing so. Later, when Heavenly and Mariah fight about Quad, things get heated quickly.

Episode 11 - BBQs, Biscuits, and Birth Control

Married to Medicine S6 - 2nd day in Antiqua

The group is becoming tenser on day two of the couple’s excursion to Antiqua. Mariah can’t get over Heavenly insulting her mother, and Toya confronts Contessa about punching her on purpose. 

Jackie tries to bring the ladies together, but the second night’s meal ends as explosive as the first. Everyone has reached their breaking point as tears are flowing.

Episode 12 - Heavenly's Second Chance

Married to Medicine S6 - Mariah apologizes to Damon for accusing him of infidelity

Simone and Contessa’s disagreement goes from easy sailing to rough seas in Antigua. Mariah apologizes to Damon for spreading the accusations of his infidelity in the face of mounting pressure. 

Heavenly is put in the hot seat as she attempts to make up for last year’s mistakes in couples therapy. Jackie offers the group’s participation in a worthwhile medical mission out of a desire to do good. Quad throws his anger over Dr. Greg’s affairs into the ocean.

Episode 13 - Sleep Number's Gone!

Married to Medicine S6 - Simone and Cecil made an anouncement that shocked everyone

Simone and Cecil made a shocking announcement at their Mi Casa Es Su Casa Party. Jackie enlists Simone and Heavenly to help her prepare lunch for Curtis to maintain the romance. 

When Toya and Eugene visit the site of their new house, she learns some unsettling information. Greg is invited to a men’s only expedition by the boys, where he discovers the truth about what happened when Quad moved out.

Episode 14 - Bottled Up Emotions

Mariah decides to surprise Lauren with clothing revamp when her child grows older. Simone’s issues from the past drive her over the brink, ruining their romantic dinner date with Cecil. 

Jackie and Curtis struggle to compromise on a new home and a fresh start. When ongoing difficulties with Contessa come to a head, and Mariah learns concerning information about Aydin’s health, Toya’s planned excursion for the ladies to go wine tasting goes awry.

Episode 15 - Docs On the Dock 2.0

Married to Medicine S6 - Heavenly and Contessa support their friend, Quad

Finishing touches are added to the foundation of Toya and Eugene’s dream house. While Simone finally buries old wounds with Cecil, Jackie, and Curtis attempt to rebuild their lives from the ground up. 

As Heavenly and Contessa express their support for their friend, Quad completes the circle with her buddies. As all the ladies gather to celebrate Docs on the Dock while Aydin is resting, Mariah arranges the biggest party event of the year.

Episode 16 - Reunion Part 1

As the ladies of medicine reunite in the first explosive three-part Married to Medicine Reunion, host Andy Cohen looks back on some of the season’s most memorable moments. Contessa finds herself in a tight spot while defending her surgery from assailants as Simone explains what her home life is truly like. 

As Heavenly and Mariah attempt to resolve their disagreement, a dramatic encounter results. Quad makes a startling charge.

Episode 17 - Reunion Part 2

Married to Medicine S6 -Reunion Part 2

Andy Cohen continues investigating Quad’s slanderous allegations against Mariah in Part 2 of the reunion. The husbands then provide their perspectives on the events. While Aydin defends his wife, Damon confronts accusations of adultery. Greg and Quad later cross paths for one final exchange.

Episode 18 - Reunion Part 3

Married to Medicine S6 -Reunion Part 3

In the third and last installment, Greg and Quad square off while divulging the terrible details of their marriage. Divisions form as the gang attempts to deal with the consequences of Quad and Greg’s altercation. Later, the friendship between Toya and Contessa reaches its peak.

Married to Medicine Season 6 Quick Facts

  • is an American reality television series 
  • aired on Bravo TV from September 2, 2018, to January 13, 2019
  • created by Mariah Huq
  • executive producers are Matt Anderson, Nate Green, and Mariah Huq
  • also known as Married to Medicine: Atlanta
  • consists of 18 episodes

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