What Happened In Million Dollar Listing: New York Season 2?


Three real estate agents are followed in “Million Dollar Listing New York” as they provide viewers with an inside glimpse into the competitive, high-stakes world of the New York City real estate market.

Season 2 sees the return of Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund, along with the addition of up-and-coming agent Luis D. Ortiz, a dynamic agent with Puerto Rican roots who wants to conquer Manhattan. With 10 million price townhomes, 15 million dollar penthouses, and building developments topping the 50 million dollar barrier, the properties are more abundant than ever.

The season 2 drama continues following the Season 1 of Million Dollar Listing:New York is as enormous as their commissions, with the agents dealing with Hurricane Sandy’s damage, sabotaging one another’s open houses, exacting revenge, and staging a stunning island-sized wedding that puts one of them permanently off the dating scene.

Cast of Million Dollar Listing New York: Season 2

  • Fredrik Eklund – is a television reality star, former IT entrepreneur from Sweden, author of The Sell, and New York City-based real estate broker.

  • Ryan Matthew Serhant – is an American estate broker, novelist, and reality television star. He appears on Bravo television programs Sell it Like Serhant and Million Dollar Listing New York. He owns his own real estate company in New York.

  • Luis D. Ortiz – is a licensed real estate salesman who worked with Douglas Elliman and is a reality television star.

Episode 1: Surprise Bitch, I'm in the Pool

The second season of America’s most thrilling, emotional, and powerful real estate program premieres with a bang.

Literally, Ryan Matthew Serhant ruins Fredrik Eklund’s open house after he receives a $17 million Tribeca property by diving into the pool. Meanwhile, Luis D. Ortiz, a motivated young agent, strives to create a name for himself in Manhattan by locating an off-market, unlisted home for a prospective customer. And after Ryan has dried off, he uses an unexpectedly new tactic to revive a failed listing: increasing the asking price!

Episode 2: Two Hotheads and a Hurricane

Things become competitive and hostile when Ryan Matthew Serhant and Luis list units in the same building. When they initially meet, Ryan makes fun of Luis D. Ortiz, and Luis responds by “taking” (ahem) clients from Ryan’s open house and bringing them to his.

At the same time as Fredrik Eklund is struggling to sell the Marble House, Hurricane Sandy hits, throwing the entire city into darkness. Before the lights turn on, the agents will pick up a few new skills to help them in their careers and personal lives.

Episode 3: Bow Rooms and Broome Sticks

Now that Hurricane Sandy has passed, deals are being made, are they? When Luis D. Ortiz receives the first home of his young profession, he is startled to discover that most of the furnishings are far older than he is.

Fredrik Eklund is about to close a deal when a small error threatens to wreck the entire transaction. And in the city, Ryan Matthew Serhant has little trouble selling an apartment to a kind, kind grandma. However, when he has trouble finding her a new home, the older woman becomes choosy and prickly.

Episode 4: Video Killed the Real Estate Star

On the same block, Fredrik Eklund and Luis have listing prospects for new construction, but only one of these agents ends up with any commission.

Ryan Matthew Serhant sells at the Park Imperial across town, but familiarity does not always translate into sales. Ryan becomes more inventive than ever when his new client places severe constraints on the unit, giving up his soap opera acting skills in favor of ones for music videos.

Episode 5: All the World's A-Staging

Luis D. Ortiz is back to listing apartments after failing to purchase an entire building, but that doesn’t mean things are simple. Luis first needs to train his client’s three-year-old son to behave at the open house because she needs to sell her flat quickly.

To soothe his client after Pat learns about the music video, Ryan Matthew Serhant is also engaged in damage control.

Additionally, Fredrik Eklund receives the listing at 50 Lispenard next door due to his speedy sale at 46 Lispenard. If Fredrik can succeed where Luis failed, only time will tell.

Episode 6: The Days of Licking Bricks Are Over

Fredrik Eklund accepts Luis D. Ortiz’s invitation to get together for drinks, and they quickly become friends over their love of real estate. To the extent that Fredrik offers Luis a co-list in his present construction, 50 Lispenard, a listing Luis had previously wanted to secure.

But as soon as Fredrik discovers he has a loose cannon on his hands, things don’t stay as amicable.

In the meantime, Ryan Matthew Serhant searches for an apartment in midtown for Barbara, an Idaho housewife eager to relocate her family. Unfortunately for Ryan, she might not only be seeking that.

Episode 7: Will Haze for Listing

Ryan Matthew Serhant visits one of his former fraternity brothers, who have a sizable commission check, but Ryan’s little “brother” is just interested in exacting fraternal retribution.

Although Luis D. Ortiz is happy to meet with a client from Puerto Rico, he soon learns that his “Puerto Rican” charm is less effective when used by people from his own country.

And Fredrik Eklund is in the city, working his magic on another primary developer. Will he succeed in getting his next huge project and rocketing to the top of the real estate market, or will this important customer find Fredrik’s demands unreasonable?

Episode 8: Lord Have Mercer!

All three of our agents’ multimillion-dollar residences were up for grabs when we last left them. This week, Ryan Matthew Serhant tries to locate a buyer for his fraternity brother’s flat by searching the entire planet.

Meanwhile, Luis D. Ortiz tries to win over his picky client Mari. Unfortunately for him, even two full-ask offers might not be sufficient. Edmund is under pressure to sell the first unit now that Fredrik Eklund has finished the building, so much so that just a few weeks before their wedding, things get heated at home with Derek.

Episode 9: Don't Forget the Hands! Dinosaur Hands!

To make a sale, Luis D. Ortiz digs deep into his bag of tricks when he encounters a seller who grossly overpriced her listing—and that bag includes a movie camera!

While everything is going on, Fredrik Eklund secures the most extensive listing of his professional career: a 24-unit building with a potential sell-out of over $50 million. And before long, Ryan Matthew Serhant is among the clients of every broker in the city looking for an apartment.

How far will Ryan go to appease Fredrik so his buyer can enter the building before it sells?

Episode 10: Harlem Shake

Ryan Matthew Serhant nearly loses control when he learns that Fredrik Eklund has increased the pricing for the Bowery condos, but that’s just the start of his tough week.

Additionally, he must co-list with a new agent from his office, who almost equally irritates him as Fredrik does.

Luis D. Ortiz, meantime, goes on a scavenger mission to discover a long-lasting alliance after learning this season that working with developers results in significant money. And Fredrik quickly realizes that perhaps Ryan isn’t the only one unhappy with his price rise.

Episode 11: Do You, Fredrik, Take This Building?

When Luis D. Ortiz is requested to work with another person on a Richard Meier-designed unit, he receives one of his most extensive listings of the season.

When he tries to stage it, things get incredibly raunchy thanks to an interior designer who could be even more energizing than Luis and more sexual. As they battle, Ryan Matthew Serhant learns that some of Jill’s faults could be too difficult for him to correct.

Additionally, Fredrik Eklund and Derek have booked an entire island in the Florida Keys for their wedding. The last remaining concern is whether Fredrik will be able to abandon his job in New York City or if Derek will grow resentful of Fredrik’s romance with 250 Bowery.

Episode 12: A Shark Is Born

Fredrik Eklund comes to Manhattan after getting married and secures a listing with one of the most recognizable names in real estate history: Trump!

In the meantime, Luis D. Ortiz has prepared his Charles Street listing and has a new strategy to locate the ideal “match” for the apartment.

Ryan Matthew Serhant also has a new client on the Upper West Side, but he finds it difficult to focus on work after Fredrik lied to him about their Bowery deal.

This season can only finish with a brutal vengeance plan unlike anything the real estate industry has ever seen.