Friends Of Raquel Leviss Think Her Black Eye Is Fake


Oh, oh! Even her friends are against her at this point.

There has been much speculation surrounding Raquel Leviss’ black eye after she released photos of them and even filed a restraining order against the one who caused it, which is Scheana Shay. Some say it is fake, while others say it is real. However, the truth may be somewhere in the middle. 

Raquel Leviss

Meanwhile, for friends of the “Vanderpump Rules” cast, Raquel’s black eye is fake, and they claim that it is not an actual injury. They have come forward by releasing multiple statements and stories about it on their social media accounts.

Starting with Kael Ramsey-Ackerson, who posted a photo and videos of Raquel’s bare face on his Instagram page, claiming that she already had a black eye before her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen.

“Sooooo I’ve tried to stay out of this whole thing but one thing we’re not about to do is lie. All these photos were before #wwhl and in all of these this so-called “black eye” was present @raquelleviss this is not how you treat family but again everything comes to light,” his statement began.

“It’s not about just coming for someone who is my best friend but it is you coming for someone who gave everything to protect you, be there for you, and support you when everyone else didn’t. I can’t sit back and watch you create narratives to save your own ass while trying to bring someone else down as a deflection.”

The “Whiskey, Words, & Wisdom” podcast host concluded his statement by writing, “I hate it has come to this but enough is enough. So #happyinternationalwomensday to the women who really stick by one another and uplift each other without tearing the other down. Please get the help you need because this is sick.”

He also posted a statement on his Instagram story in connection with the Instagram post, saying, “Lying to deflect is wild behavior. Especially when it’s on someone who supported you through everything. Certain things you can’t put on age and being naive, sometimes you just are who you are. Had us all fooled. Touche touche.”

Raquel’s friend, Jamie Lynne, has likewise come forward, debunking her claims about how Shay gave her the black eye. She began by saying that, despite her “atrocious betrayal and pain you caused,” she was trying not to drag her since everyone else was and that she was concerned about her mental health as well.

“at times i wanted to reach out to you lyk that even though i don’t approve and can’t be friends w someone capable of this, i just wanted u to know i don’t want any harm to you and hope u get help. but then to bring scheana into it, in this way, when u know she did not do what u claim, is beyond comprehension.”

Then Jamie went into great detail about all that Scheana had done for Raquel, including giving her a place to live when she had nowhere else to go and being her “biggest supporter.” Her friend also wishes that the former queen would “redirect everything inward.”

She concluded her statement by expressing her heartbreak over losing their friendship, and all the emotional turmoil she had caused, adding, “friends like the ones u had are hard are rare. the least u could do now is not cause any more pain.”

Jamie Lynne

Their statements come after Raquel released photos of her injuries from Scheana’s alleged attack after knowing that she had an affair with their friend, Ariana Madix’s then-boyfriend Tom Sandoval, and subsequently filing a restraining order against Shay.

According to that court document, on March 2 at around 1:30 in the morning in New York, Shay reportedly shoved Raquel against a brick wall and struck her in the face, causing injuries to the left side of her eye and the back of her head.

With that, the reality star included four pictures of her injuries in her court document, including one showing a vertical cut behind her left forehead and another showing a bruise on the inside of her left eye.

In the end, only Raquel can tell if her black eye is real or not. Yet, it appears to imply that the black eye is false based on what her friends have said. If that’s true, it means she is up for much more damage as she can face a lawsuit about filing a false police report.

Reactions to Friends Of Raquel Leviss Think Her Black Eye Is Fake

What in the SCANdoval is going on here? Raquel’s friends are saying she had the black eye already? I’m so confused? Is this all a ploy to redirect anger off of herself? #pumprules

I got the same “black eye” as Raquel when I dropped my Kindle on my face while reading in bed.

Giving a midterm presentation on Raquel’s alleged black eye tomorrow for my urban land use class

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