Lala Kent Alleges Raquel Leviss And Tom Sandoval Were Seen “Under The Covers” Before Their Affair Was Exposed


Oh, Lala! Raquel and Tom caught in the act?

During Tuesday’s episode of Jeff Lewis’ SiriusXM podcast, The “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent did not hold back as she dished “Scandoval.” Lala revealed that some of her co-stars on “Vanderpump Rules” spotted Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss in bed before their scandal was revealed.

Lala had opened out about some warning signs that she observed in the friendship of Tom and Raquel before their affair made headlines. I was seeing things that just didn’t add up,” Kent told the co-hosts. She explained that the person who shall remain nameless recalled “opening the doors and seeing Sandoval and Raquel under covers together” but reflected on their own thoughts, “‘This is weird, but they’re just best friends. I’m like, what?’”

Kent asserted that the altercation between Sandoval, 40, and Leviss, 28, took place behind the scenes when several of the cast members were present at a party. Moreover, she stated that she began to have her own doubts about Tom and Raquel even before Tom’s long-term girlfriend, Ariana Madix, discovered that he was cheating on her.

“These two have crossed a line. They’re f–king each other,” yet she kept her doubts from Ariana because they were “super close for a while,” and she lacked any evidence. “And then I learned after [the affair] was confirmed a lot of the things everyone else saw, and they didn’t think it was red flags like opening the door and seeing Raquel and Sandoval under covers together.

On the March 22 edition of “Watch What Happens Live,” fellow “Vanderpump Rules” actress Brittany Cartwright expressed similar feelings regarding Tom and Raquel’s friendship-turned-affair. “There were times whenever we went to certain events when [Tom and Raquel] came together, and I was like, ‘This is kind of odd,’” she told Andy Cohen.

She claimed she disregarded her concerns over the friendship and thought, “Tom Sandoval makes friends, like, really fast with different people, so I was, like, maybe they’re just close friends right now.”

The episode began with Kent disclosing whether or not she had witnessed Leviss’ personal FaceTime with Sandoval, which she claimed had been filmed without her consent and led to his breakup with Madix. “No! I don’t have it. The only person that saw it, I believe, was Ariana because that’s how she caught Tom and Raquel doing whatever they were doing,” she said. 

“So they both were pleasuring themselves…,” said Lewis, who did his utmost to coax X-rated information from Kent. She insisted, with a hesitant giggle, that “All I was told is that it was the two of them doing whatever they were doing. They were masturbating,” and the response from Kent was affirmative.

The “Vanderpump Rules” cast met last week to film the season 10 reunion special – the first time the reality stars had been in the same room since news of “Scandoval” surfaced. Kent admitted she was exhausted after filming but that viewers would “enjoy” the upcoming special.

“That was the most exhausting reunion I’ve ever done in my life,” she shared via her Instagram Stories. “I’m drained. I feel like I want to crawl into a hole and sob and scream, but I’m happy to be home now with my little one [daughter Ocean, 2], crawl in bed, watch Seinfeld and just, like, regroup.” True enough, a source close to the production revealed that the cast was out of control, and tensions were high at the reunion.