Lisa Vanderpump Speaks Out About Scheana Shay’s Alleged Assault On Raquel Leviss


She has some interesting things to say about the whole situation.

Aside from breaking her silence on the Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, and Raquel Leviss’ drama, the “Vanderpump Rules” leading cast member Lisa Vanderpump is also speaking out about Scheana Shay’s alleged assault on Raquel Leviss.

Ariana Madix and Scheana have always supported one another in every situation. Together, they have experienced many things—both good and bad. Both Scheana and Ariana have always been there for each other. Raquel experiences the same thing. The three of them had been inseparable ever since they first met. No matter what, they are there for one another at all times.

However, it all changed when it was discovered that Raquel had an affair with Ariana’s then-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. This also put a strain on Scheana’s friendship with Raquel as she obviously went to be on Ariana’s side.

Not only that, but after Scheana learned about what Raquel did, it resulted in a heated argument between them, leading to the former giving the latter an alleged black-eye. Subsequently, Raquel filed a restraining order against Scheana

Raquel also released photos of her injuries from Scheana’s alleged attack. According to that court document, on March 2 at around 1:30 in the morning in New York, Shay reportedly shoved Raquel against a brick wall and struck her in the face, causing injuries to the left side of her eye and the back of her head.

raquel leviss bruise

Such violence is something Lisa believes Scheana is capable of doing to Raquel, considering how protective she can be for her friend and knowing the damage Raquel has caused to Ariana. During a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live”  data-preserver-spaces=”true”>with Andy Cohen, she said: “I think she slapped her around the chops.”

“But you know what, her feelings would be running really high because Ariana was her best friend for like 12 years,” the “RHOBH” alum added. “You forget it’s not just the show. They were together working four or five years before the show. They grew up together. She very much kind of has Ariana’s back.”

Lisa’s reaction comes after Scheana recently denied giving Raquel a “black-eye” and after her legal representative called the latter’s statement a “fabrication.” They even named her co-star a “liar” and “cheat.”

The restaurant owner also spoke about Raquel’s affair with Sandoval, even calling her “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” in the same interview with the Bravo executive, stating, “I literally had no words. I didn’t see it coming — nobody saw it coming.”

scheana shay raquel leviss

I clearly didn’t know who Raquel was. She stuck her toe in the Peter [Madrigal] pond, she snagged Oliver [Saunders], she schmoozed with [Tom] Schwartz, and she shagged Scandoval.”  

“I think it is going to be difficult. This is huge. This is breaking up a couple that has been together for [nearly 10] years and the deceit. [Raquel] acted like a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” she added.

And when asked about a possible reunion, Lisa just answered: “I want to see true contrition, and when the reunion comes, I hope we can all sit down and have a better understanding.”

“We will have a much better understanding when we get through the reunion. But I think it is going to be really tough. I don’t think it is going to be the same reunion where there are these accusations flying because they admitted to it.”

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