Friends Don’t Lie?: Cynthia Bailey Shares Her Experience On The Ultimate Girls Trip


There is nothing more painful than breaking up with your best friend, especially if she can’t admit her faults- friendship is over, indeed!

Kenya Moore confirmed on “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” that she will compete with best friend Cynthia Bailey. Since their explosive fight on the show, Cynthia and Kenya haven’t been on the best terms. Before joining the cast, the longtime BFFs had just finished filming “RHOA” Season 13, including Cynthia’s wedding to Mike Hill. In the episode, Kenya stood alongside her best friend as one of her bridesmaids, symbolizing their close friendship.

“There was a moment during filming where she felt she had gotten into it with some of the other women over a situation, and I wasn’t stepping up,” Kenya said when asked about the brief scuffle between her and Bailey in the trailer.

She continued, “And I replied, ‘No, when you watch it back, you’ll see that I stepped up significantly.'” The relevant scene depicts a visibly upset Cynthia confronting Kenya on the beach and stating, “Ramona Singer is not my friend. You are my companion.”

“I think we got over it, but you know, sometimes people don’t get over things,” Kenya continued, implying that this disagreement with her friend was not a minor one. Cynthia revealed that she felt disrespected by a specific cast member while filming the show. 

Sadly, she refused to name names before, until now. Cynthia elaborated: “There were a few different circumstances. And in one instance, I felt somewhat disappointed, hurt, and disrespected by one of the women on the trip.”

She added that the disagreement set the tone for the remainder of the trip, and she was unable to shake it off; this coincides with Moore’s statement that some people don’t get over things. Regardless of what occurred or did not occur during “Ultimate Girls Trip,” Kenya made one thing abundantly clear: Cynthia is still her best friend.

She stated, “That is a woman I love, whose friendship I cherish, and despite the minor difficulties we encounter during filming, that is not my world.”

The “RHOA” stars joined other “Real Housewives” franchise stars on “The Ultimate Girls Trip” for a crossover extravaganza. As anticipated, drama ensued, and Cynthia felt that Kenya did not defend her adequately during numerous confrontations with other homemakers.

Moore stated in her interviews that she thought she was there for Bailey throughout the season. After the season concluded, Bailey stated that she and Moore discussed their issues and agreed that they needed to work on their friendship.

Bailey added, “We did talk on the phone. We did have a conversation. A lengthy discussion. And it was good. It was excellent. However, it was a conversation that could lead to additional conversations.”

Cynthia Bailey joined the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast more than a decade ago, filming her first season in 2010 with young daughter Noelle Robinson, soon-to-be-fiancé Peter Thomas, and new best friend NeNe Leakes — so it goes without saying how much has changed for the Bravo star.

Cynthia is walking down the aisle as Mrs. Mike Hill by the end of season 13, a happy ending she has long desired and was proud to achieve despite criticism for hosting the wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In a recent interview, Cynthia reflected on the decade she has spent sharing her life with fans, including falling in and out of love, finding her footing as a businesswoman, and watching her daughter Noelle mature into the 21-year-old woman she is today.

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