Minnesota Man Stabbed His Wife To Death During Family Bible Study


A Minnesota man fatally stabbed his wife during a supposed family gathering for a bible study, turning it into a horrific nightmare.

Who would have imagined that a Bible study that is designed to make everyone feel at ease suddenly turns into a terrifying nightmare for the family?

The deranged Minnesota man was revealed to be Robert Castillo, found guilty of second-degree murder for allegedly repeatedly stabbing his wife, Corinna Woodhull, at a St. Paul home at around 9 o’clock on Tuesday.

Minnesota Husband Stabbed His Wife to Death 2

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Officials reported that the incident happened earlier this week at a relative’s home during a family bible study when a mentally disturbed Minnesota man fatally stabbed his wife.

When they reached the premises, they discovered Castillo pushed to the ground by several individuals and Woodhull suffering from terrible stab wounds to her body, chest, and arms.

Mother of five, Woodhull was rushed to Regions Hospital, where she was later declared dead. Castillo’s sister informed investigators that she organizes a bible study for the family every Tuesday night.

As per the police report obtained by the media source, Woodhull and Castillo entered without any problem and sat on a couch beside each other.

The accusation claims that Castillo whispered something into Woodhull’s ear during one of the meeting’s exchanges before allegedly repeatedly stabbing his wife.

Castillo was disarmed by family members who jumped in to seize him. According to a witness who spoke to police, he would likely have wounded more people if they had not snatched the knife away from him.

Minnesota Husband Stabbed His Wife to Death

The Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that Woodhull was killed, according to a report from CBS Minnesota.

Castillo admitted to police that he and Woodhull had been living together in Golden Valley until a month ago and had been legally married for a few years. 

He made this admission after being arrested. Per the complaint, he refused to explain why they had broken up and demanded his attorney instead.

Authorities were informed by Castillo’s brother, who was present at the Bible study where the terrible incident happened, that Woodhull and Castillo had been experiencing marital problems.

The man had a warrant out for his arrest, according to police, at the time of the crime for not showing up at a preliminary hearing for assault charges in the fourth degree in nearby Washington County.

Castillo is accused of assaulting a jail guard there while detained. Eight past offenses, including first- and second-degree assault, illegal gun possession, and second-degree robbery, have been prosecuted against Castillo.

According to the news source, the Minnesota man was found guilty of second-degree assault after severely assaulting his child’s presumed mother with a hammer.

Castillo may spend up to 40 years behind bars if found guilty.

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