Don’t Get Excited: Cynthia Bailey’s Cameo Scene Is Just Temporary


It seems like we are fond of "RHOBH," but sometimes meeting a new cast member in "RHOBH" seems like not a bad idea… who should we call for this?!

Cynthia Bailey, a former star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” moved to Los Angeles after marrying Mike Hill. Even though she appeared on an episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” as a guest hosted by Sutton Stracke, she will not be joining the program’s cast permanently.

Cynthia previously mentioned that following “RHOA” with “RHOBH” could make sense. Still, she has yet to decide regarding this matter. She could appear on “RHOBH” in the future, but for now, she is concentrating on her acting career.

ALLBLK has announced that Cynthia has been cast as “Terror Lake Drive: Single Black Female.” She divulged, “To launch my acting career, I relocated to Los Angeles.”  Nevertheless, she said she wouldn’t oppose appearing on RHOBH once her career gets off the ground. She continued, “It would just have to make sense, but that’s not my focus right now.” But Cynthia stays in touch with her fellow cast members from RHOBH. 

Fans can still catch Cynthia on other television shows, even though she may not be on “RHOA” shortly. Cynthia’s most recent appearance on a reality show was on “Celebrity Big Brother,” where she made it to the final three. Previous roles for the aspiring actress include “Cruel Instruction,” which aired on Lifetime, and “Single Drunk Female,” which was broadcast on Freeform. But it is hoped that Cynthia will appear in upcoming seasons of “RHOBH.”

However, we just found out that Cynthia recently filmed with the other members of Beverly HillsOver the past weekend, The “RHOA” alum filmed alongside the other ladies of “RHOBH.” She was a guest at a party that Kyle Richards had hosted.

According to the source, Cynthia stopped by Sutton Stracke’s house for a visit. Cynthia is not a cast member, even though the cameras were rolling. Still, she is usually invited to events by the cast, so she decided to attend the dinner.

She may make cameo appearances as a guest throughout the following season. At this point, nothing is official, and everything has become more casual. Cynthia continues to place a high level of importance on her acting career.

Richards hosted the dinner throughout the weekend at her home, where Denise Richards and Camille Grammer, formerly “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” were also present. According to a source, Richards is reportedly filming for the forthcoming season at this time. However, for now, she will only be appearing in guest roles. 

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